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73,800 yen(one-set, around the 1980 time)

2 way Back-Road-Horn speaker system which added the phon tweeter of the establishment meter to BETA-10.

An H-24-phon tweeter is adopted as a unit BETA-10 which is a full-range unit, and for high regions.
These H-24 used the super duralumin of 18-micron thickness for the diaphragm, and the edgewise volume which adopted the streamlined wire of the quantity specific-electric-conductivity aluminum alloy is used for it in order to measure a weight saving to a voice coil.

The level control is carried in tweeters.
Moreover, it is also possible to use a full range of only BETA-10 by a change-over switch.

The enclosure is removing the harmful higher harmonic wave by R.D.E. (radiate dumping effect) installed in the way which is the Back-Road-Horn enclosure designed to BETA-10, and along which sound passes.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 2 speakers, CW back load phone system, and a floor type
Use unit For [ all the ] zones: 25cm corn type (BETA-10)
For high regions: Phon type (H-24)
Impedance 8ohms
Program sauce input 40W
Crossover frequency 6000Hz
Output sound pressure level 101dB/W-m
Dimensions Width 450x height 880x depth of 440mm
Weight 36kg