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A 2-way backload horn speaker system with a newly designed horn tweeter added to the BETA-10.

The unit has a full-range unit, BETA-10

H-24 horn type tweeter is installed for high frequency band.
This H-24 uses 18 micron thick super duralumin for the diaphragm, and an edge-wise winding using high conductivity aluminum alloy ribbon wire for the voice coil to reduce weight.

Equipped with level control for the tweeter.
It is also possible to set it to the full range in which only BETA-10 operates by using the selector switch.

The enclosure is a backload horn enclosure designed for the BETA-10. Harmful harmonics are eliminated by the R. D. E. (Radiant Damping Effect) installed in the sound channel.

Model Rating
Method 2-way, 2-speaker, CW back-load horn system
・ Floor type
Units Used For All Bands : 25 cm Cone Type (BETA-10)
For High Range : Horn Type (H-24)
Impedance 8 Ω
Program source input 40W
Crossover frequency 6kHz
Output sound pressure level 101dB/W/m
External dimensions Width 450x Height 880x Depth 440 mm
Weight 36kg
BETA-10 rating
Playback frequency band 25 Hz to 20 kHz
Lowest resonance frequency 25 Hz to 40 Hz
Output sound pressure level 97dB
Impedance 8 Ω
Effective mass of vibration system 16g
Qo 0.5(35Hz)
Magnetic flux density 15,500gauss
Rating of the H-24
Playback frequency band 4 kHz to 20 kHz
Output sound pressure level 110dB
Program source input 20W
Magnetic flux density 16,000gauss