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CORAL CP-701/CP-701u CP-701: 44,500 yen(in the late 1960's )
CP-701u:38,500 yen(in the late 1960's )

The player system developed so that the disc play technology which becomes advanced could be enjoyed easily.
CP-701u becomes a case-less model of CP-701.

8 pole induction motor is used for a motor.

The lateral effect by unbalance main weight and the arm elevation mechanism are carried, and it has prevented giving a blemish to a disc.

In CP-701, the fine-tuning equipment of speed is carried so that an exact performance can be performed.

VF (variable flux) type cartridge is adopted as a cartridge, and a 0.25x0.7mil diagram ellipse needle is attached to it.
A VF type cartridge differs from MM type, and since the magnet is not directly connected to the boom, a motion of a needle carries out the motion near IM type or MC type.

2 speeds of 45rpm and 33rpm are obtained with a lever switch.

The rubber sheet which carried out electrostatic processing is adopted.

4 terminal plug-in head of the Europe standard is used, and the foreign cartridge is also supported.


Rating of a mode
Form Record player
<Player part>
Phone motor 8 pole Permanent-Split-Capacitor induction motor
Number of rotations 33 1/3rpm, 45rpm
Speed fine regulation }2% or more
Turntable 30mm aluminum press double turntable
Weight of a total of 3kg
Motor panel Aluminum alloy
S/N ratio 50dB or more
Tone arm 30cm static balance type pipe arm
Europe standard 4 terminal plug-in head
JIS EIA standard cartridge attachment is possible.
<Cartridge part>
Form VF (variable flux) type
Response 15Hz - 23kHz
Sensitivity 3.5mV
Channel balance }1dB
Needle pressure 2g-2.5g
Needle point 0.2x0.7mil Ellipse needle
Power supply voltage AC80V-117V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W