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162,750 yen(including tax, 2006 release)

The top-loading CD player which adopted the belt drive system.

The belt drive system which supplied the know-how cultivated by the analog player design of CEC is adopted as a drive part. This system has realized in the former the stabilization of the rotation angle speed of CD made difficult.
Influence is made hard to be influenced by vibration in which a belt drive system is a system which installs a motor in the position separated from the spindle which gives rotation to a disc about 7.5cm, and is driven through a belt, and a motor generates a pickup part by this, or an electromagnetism noise. Moreover, it changed to the conventional high torque motor at the motor part, and the low torque motor which decreased cogging sharply was adopted, and thorough oscillating measures are taken.
Moreover, angular velocity is changed, maintaining the state where it was stabilized in the maximum inner circumference from required about 500rpm to about 200rpm of the outermost circumference by using the moment of inertia which a stabilizer (70mm in diameter, weight of 300g) has.

Two PCM1796 of Burr-Brown corresponding to 24 bits/192 kHz were carried in the D/A converter, and the low distortion and the quantity dynamic range have been obtained.
The current injection circuit which positioned this DAC in a part of amplifier stage, and was united with the LEF (Load Effect Free) amplifier circuit and which changes into a voltage signal the current which is an output signal of DAC at the shortest is adopted. This becomes completely free from a NFB loop, and the signal is processed on the one stage.
moreover, signal processing balance-ized completely -- high speed -- and -- low -- distorted transmission is enabled. Furthermore, by circuit composition of pure Class-A operation, high transmission of purity is enabled more.

The analog output carries the balanced type and the imbalanced type.
Moreover, in addition to three lines of the same axle, light, and XLR, the digital terminal also carries the super link terminal original with CEC.


Rating of a mode
Form Belt drive system CD player
<Audio part>
Renewable DISC Secular music CD
CD-R/RW for finalize finishing music
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±0.25dB
S/N ratio XLR:114dB
THD XLR:0.010%
Channel separation XLR: 94dB or more
RCA: 88dB or more
Dynamic range 97dB
DAC Burr-Brown make PCM1796x2
Analog output XLR: 4Vrms (hot No. 2)
Digital output Toslink: One line
Coaxial: One line
AES/EBU:1 line (No. XLR/2 -- hot)
Super link: One line
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 11W
Dimensions Width 435x height 98x depth of 296mm (a leg, a terminal included)
Weight 10kg
Attachment Stabilizer
AC cable
Remote control