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105,000 yen(including tax, 2003 release)

CD transport which adopted the belt drive system.

The belt drive system is adopted, the spindle motor part which gives rotation to a disc is completely separated from a mechanism part chassis, and vibration and the electromagnetism noise which are generated from the motor itself are intercepted.
Moreover, a pickup part is arranged in the center of a case and the fine vibration from a core and the outside is reduced by equipping the lower chassis with special vibrationproofing material.

In order to stick a disc to a revolving shaft by pressure firmly and to suppress the curvature of the disc at the time of a performance, and vibration to the minimum, a 300g stabilizer is adopted.
Moreover, by passing a belt to the spindle motor of the low torque, the moment of inertia of a stabilizer is used and the stabilization of rotation angle speed influenced by neither current change of a motor nor servo error taking advantage of its flywheel effect is attained.

In addition to three digital outputs, such as a coaxial, an optic, and AES/EBU, the CEC super link which made Jitter-free digital data transmission possible with original signal synchronism-ized technology is carried.

Unlike a general SPDIF system, the CEC super link has adopted the parallel data transfer method. For this reason, it is possible to gain separate independence completely and to transmit an audio signal and a clock signal.
Moreover, in order to transmit without degrading sound quality as much as possible, the audio signal inputted by making the position very near a DAC stage generate a master clock, and succeeding control of CD transport synchronizes with a master clock, just before arriving at a DAC stage.


Rating of a mode
Form Belt drive type CD player
Digital output Coaxial (synchronization)
Optical (light)
CEC super link (D-sub 9pin)
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Quantifying bit number 16bit
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 10W
Dimensions Width 435x height 98x depth of 296mm
Weight 9.9kg
Attachment Stabilizer
AC cable
Remote control