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1,890,000 yen(including tax, 2005 release)

CD transport announced as the highest peak of belt drive system CD transport.

In order to solve the problem in CD drive part, CEC supplies the analog player design know-how cultivated for years, and is attaining stabilization of rotation angle speed.
First, the low torque motor which decreased the cogging sharply is adopted instead of [ of a high torque motor ] being conventionally used for the motor part, in order to suppress generating of vibration. It is made to arrive at the inside of a short time in the maximum inner circumference to about 500rpm which is required number of rotations, this giving the effective torque at the time of rotation starting of CD.
Furthermore, paying attention to the detailed amount of gears per rotation at the time of CD play, the wheel effect of a large-sized stabilizer of being proud of a large moment of inertia is applied, and the rotation angle speed stabilized rather than the conventional CD play is gained. The stable rotation accuracy has been acquired by the durability of the wheel effect also to the very quiet slowdown from inner circumference to the perimeter. Moreover, in order to employ the wheel effect efficiently further, time information was acquired in subcord and the suitable torque is given to the motor.
And to change of the linear velocity by the eccentricity ingredient of one or less revolution, it corresponds by the PLL servo altogether. For this reason, the macro target rotation control covering all the domains at the time of a music play attains stabilization, and is making electronics bear only very detailed micro control of one or less revolution according to the mechanical mechanism which makes the wheel effect a principle.

The mechanism part has a D.R.T.S. (Double Rubbers & Triple Springs) suspension and three-point support structure formed from a tipped (Tip-toes) type insulator.
The chassis is formed in the hexagon in order to carry out floating by three points, and it has 20mm thickness aluminum and different-species metal superposition structure of a 10mm thickness brass. Moreover, the thorough measures against a vibration suppression, such as adoption of the aluminum case which attains to 20mm thickness in the maximum thick part, are taken.

In order to raise rotation accuracy further, the shaft bearing with a diameter of 5mm which examined and finished the selected quality of the material carefully with ultra-precision machining technology is adopted.

It is always clear, and in order to realize stable current supply, the power-source part of noise filter loading is considered as the independent composition.
Furthermore, while attaining 3 division which also separated the control part from the mechanism which can be said also as the core of transport, the cure which prevents distortion and degradation of a signal, such as adopting the through hole double-sided board which has established reputation in reduction of a grand level, is taken.

Rear Mechanism

Rating of a mode
Form Belt drive type CD player
Renewable Disc Secular music CD
CD-R/RW for finalize finishing music
Spindle drive system Belt drive
Pickup drive system Belt drive
Stabilizer phi125mm, mass of 450g
Moment-of-inertia 6.6x10-4 N-m-s2
Spindle shaft phi5mm
Suspension D. R.T.S. (Double Rubbers & Triple Springs) suspension
Tipped (Tip-toes) type three-point support
Mechanism part chassis Different-species metal double structure of 20mm of hexagon thickness aluminum,
and a 10mm thickness brass
Control part case The 20mm of maximum thick part thickness aluminum
Digital output AES/EBU:1 line (XLR -- hot No. 2)
Coaxial: One line
Tos: One line
Power source A regulated power supply with a noise filter
Dimensions Main part: Width 300x height 158x depth of 317mm (a stabilizer, a leg, a button included)
Power source: Width 125x height 103x depth of 260mm
Weight Main part: 16kg
Power source: 4kg
Attachment Stabilizer
AC cable
Remote control
Spike receptacle