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a price -- unknown (in the late 1960's? )

The stereo record player which adopted MM type cartridge.

4 pole synchronous motor is adopted as a motor. The petrol pipe is attached to the motor and it can lubricate from the lubrication mouth on a player board.

The static balance type is adopted as a pickup part. The moving magnet cartridge which uses a diagram needle is adopted as a cartridge.
Adjustment of the needle pressure by cartridge exchange is performed by rotating the balance weight of an arm back end right and left.

The output of the pickup is taken out in shield cord which has a standard pin plug.
Moreover, the shield cord and the drawer lead of a cartridge have structure connected using 5 pin plug and the electric socket which were prepared in the player board.

When operating a pickup, the record board and the elevation mechanism in which a pickup is made to go up and down by lever operation without damaging the needle point are adopted accidentally.

The speed change mechanism is carried and the change of 3 speed is possible.
In zero position, the power source of a motor serves as OFF with the switch which interlocked, and it has the structure where a idler secedes from a turntable and a motorized pulley simultaneously.

The 30cm aluminum turntable is used for a turntable, and up-and-down Bure of the turntable has become ±0.05mm or less.

The player board has adopted what processed the 1.6-mm-thick griddle.
The wood base is being fixed to the player board for the purpose of the protection at the time of transportation, and it is also possible to use it as it is.

Dimensional Back

Rating of a mode
Form Record player
Motor 4 pole synchronous motor
Turntable The product made from the 30cm light alloy, a rubber sheet, 1.2kg
Number of rotations 33 1/3, 45 or 78rpm
Wow 0.2% or less
Flutter 0.1% or less
S/N -40dB
Pickup Static balance type pipe arm type
Cartridge MM type
Frequency response 20Hz-21kHz±2dB
Cross talk 20dB(1kHz)
Right-and-left channel deflection 1dB(1kHz)
Output voltage About 5mV (1kHz, 50 mm/s)
Impedance 2. 4kohm (1kHz)
Needle pressure 3g-4g
Needle point 0.7mil diagram needle
Load resistance 100kohm
Rated voltage 100V, 50Hz, or 60Hz
Rated apparent power 26VA
Dimensions Width 380x depth of 305mm
Player board: It is 80mm (a wood base is not includeded) under top 55mmx.
Weight 3.8kg (a wood base is not includeded)