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CEC CD5300
120,750 yen(including tax, 2005 release)

CD player which carries a current injection circuit and a LEF circuit.

It changes to the conventional operational amplifier and the current injection circuit original with CEC and the LEF (load effect-free) circuit are carried. This became completely free from the NFB loop, and it has succeeded in processing a signal on a one stage. moreover, signal processing formed into full balance -- high speed -- and -- low -- distorted transmission is realized.
The circuit consists of pure Class-A operation.

In the power-source part, in order to change the polluted commercial law AC power into a direct current which was clean and was stabilized, contamination is removed through AC line filter and the primary side high frequency switching regulator is purifying the high voltage power supply.
Moreover, the switching regulator and high frequency insulation transformer by a PWM (pulse width modulation) system have been arranged independently to secondary low voltages at the servo system and the audio signal system, respectively, and the mutual intervention is eliminated.
furthermore, stability of a power source and clean-ization are performed by boiling both primary and secondary switching regulator outputs, and letting it pass to two or more steps of line filters.
(In order to pull out the engine performance of a line filter, it recommends using it, connecting the grounding terminal of AC cable to a ground)

Two PCM1796 corresponding to 24 bits/192 kHz are adopted as a D/A converter. The advanced segment system which united and developed the multiple bit system and the delta sigma system newly was adopted, and the outstanding dynamic characteristic has been acquired.
Moreover, the Filter function preselection capability which can change "FLAT" which enables a more nearly linear play, and "SOFT" decreased with nature from 20kHz this side by remote control operation as an option function of a DAC circuit,The Dither switch which reduces distortion of the signal of a minute level very much, sigma-FS function in which an exaggerated sampling rate can be changed by a three-stage, etc. are carried.

Three lines of light, the same axle, and XLR are carried in the digital output.
Moreover, the analog output carries two lines, a balanced type and an imbalanced type.


Rating of a mode
Form CD player
<Audio part>
Renewable DISC Secular music CD
CD-R/RW for finalize finishing music
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.3 dB
S/N ratio XLR:113dB
THD XLR:0.004%
Channel separation XLR: 100dB or more
RCA: 90dB or more
Dynamic range 97dB
<DAC section>
DAC Burr-Brown make PCM1796x2
冱igma exaggerated sampling rate 32fs, 64fs, 128fs (a change is possible)
Dither on/off (a change is possible)
Digital filter Flat, Soft (a change is possible)
Analog output XLR: 4Vrms (hot No. 2)
Digital output Toslink: One line
Coaxial: One line
AES/EBU:1 line (No. XLR/2 -- hot)
Headphone output 6.3mm x one line
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions Width 435x height 115x depth of 310mm
(A terminal and a button are not includeded. )
Weight 8.5kg
Attachment AC cable
Remote control