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47,250 yen(including tax, 2005 release)

CD player which carries CI (current injection) circuit original with CEC, and a LEF (load effect-free) circuit.

It changes to the conventional operational amplifier and CI circuit and the LEF circuit are carried. Thereby, a NFB loop becomes unnecessary fundamentally and can be processing the signal on the one stage. moreover, the signal-processing circuit formed into full balance -- high speed -- and -- low -- distorted transmission is enabled.
Pure Class-A operation is adopted as circuit composition.

The Troy Dahl type transformer is adopted as a power-source part, and the current supply to a drive part and a D/A converter is made to separate. Moreover, the attachment-and-detachment type is adopted as a power cable, and it can change by liking.

The dynamic characteristic excellent in having adopted Burr-Brown 1796 [ PCM] corresponding to 24 bits/192 kHz as a D/A conversion part, and adopting the advanced segment system developed by uniting a multiple bit system and a delta sigma system has been acquired. Moreover, clock Jitter tolerance is improved sharply.

In addition as a digital output, AES/EBU is also optically carried with coaxial.
Moreover, the analog output carries the terminal of an imbalanced type and a balanced type.

The headphone amplifier which took circuit composition original with CEC is carried.

Two kinds of color variations, black and silver, occurred.


Rating of a mode
Form CD player
<Audio part>
Renewable DISC Secular music CD
CD-R/RW for finalize finishing music
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±0.3dB
S/N ratio XLR:101dB(FLAT)
THD XLR:0.008%
Channel separation XLR: 105dB or more
RCA: 95dB or more
Dynamic range 95.5dB
DAC Burr-Brown make PCM1796x1
Analog output XLR: 4Vrms (hot No. 2)
Digital output Toslink: One line
Coaxial: One line
AES/EBU:1 line (No. XLR/2 -- hot)
Headphone output 6.3mmx1 (15ohm-150ohm)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 10W
Dimensions Width 435x height 101x depth of 310mm (a leg, a terminal included)
Weight 4.6kg
Attachment AC cable
Remote control