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CEC CD2100
39,800 yen( at the 2000 time?)

CD player which carries a 3RD exaggerated tone oscillation circuit.

In the 3RD exaggerated tone oscillation circuit, the crystal oscillator which performed the special cut is adopted so that the impedance by this circuit may become 1/10 or less [ of fundamental-wave impedance ]. It is possible to carry out the choice oscillation only of the 3RD exaggerated tone wave stabilized by this.
Furthermore, it was made to set it as 1:1 so that a duty ratio may become more exact with a clock generator, and by increasing stabilization of a power source and voltage, the oscillation mechanism of the 3RD exaggerated tone wave improved, and large reduction-ization of a Jitter value is realized.

1 bit and a D/A converter without zero crossing distortion are adopted as a D/A converter.

Measures against vibrationproofing, such as adopting the aluminum extrusion material of 4mm thickness as the front panel, and also also giving special vibrationproofing material to the chassis of top covering of the enclosure or the pickup lower part, are taken.

The plug-in type power cord is adopted.

Wireless remote control is attached.

Rear Attached

Rating of a mode
Form CD player
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±1dB
Signal to noise ratio (IHF-A) 105dB
THD 0.003%(1kHz)
Wow and flutter Below measurement full limits (crystal oscillation accuracy)
Channel separation 100dB(1khz)
Output 2Vrms
Digital output Coaxial output: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohms
<Signal format>
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Quantifying bit number 16bit- linear
Error correcting system CIRC
Digital filter 8 time oversampling digital filter
System clock system 3rd exaggerated tone oscillation
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 12W
Dimensions Width 435x height 100x depth of 290mm
Weight 6kg
Attachment Remote control
AC cord
RCA plug cord