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CEC HD53R/HD53Rver8.0 HD53R:47,250 yen(including tax, September, 2005 release)
HD53Rver8.0:68,250 yen(including tax, September, 2005 release)

Headphone amplifier of the refinement model which supplied technology, such as an original LEF circuit and IGM volume control, and also to which the polish was applied.

Two independent headphone amplifier is carried and it has become the amplifier only for headphone in which volume adjustment is possible at each.
By carrying a LEF (Load Effect Free) circuit original with CEC, the signal circuit without negative feedback was formed and high-quality-sound-izing and efficient coexistence are realized.

At the time of headphone use, the play by pure Class-A operation is possible.
Moreover, speaker connection is also supported though it is the amplifier only for headphone.

The mass toroidal transformer of 50W is adopted as a power-source part.

Wide range impedance (16ohm-2kohm) is supported, and correspondence is aimed at also to efficient headphone by low impedance by having carried the Input-sensitivity changeover switch of the three-stage (+6dB/0dB/-12dB) in the back.

In order to make the loss at the time of volume control into the minimum, newly developed IGM (Intelligent Gain Management) is adopted, the gain itself is controlled with the knob of the front panel, and volume is adjusted.
Since an incoming signal does not go via a mechanical volume resistance machine or Attenuator, and CMOS type volume, it has improved the S/N ratio and the distortion greatly.

The input terminal carries the XLR (balanced type) terminal other than the usual RCA (imbalanced type) (it is with an input changeover switch to a rear panel).
Moreover, the headphone output supports 3.5mm and 6.3mm, and connection up to two sets is simultaneously possible for it.

There is higher rank model HD53Rver8.0 which carries the newest amplifier module which consists of a part selected more carefully, and upgrade from HD53R is also supported.


Rating of a mode
Form Headphone amplifier
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.2 dB
10Hz-200kHz+0 -1.4 dB
THD Headphone: 0.009% (32 ohms, 1Vrms input, 0dBu output)
Speaker: 0.09% (8 ohms, 2Vrms input, 1W output)
S/N ratio 98dB (1Vrms input, 0dBu output)
Output power Headphone: 1W (6.5Vrms, 150mA)
Speaker: 10W+10W (4ohms)
Load impedance Headphone: 16ohm-2kohm
Speaker: 4ohms - 8ohms
Input terminal Two lines (XLR balance type one line, a RCA imbalanced type one line)
Output terminal Headphone: Two lines (6.3mm/3.5mmx2)
Speaker output: One line
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 218x height 57x depth of 258mm(A terminal and a button are not includeded. )
Weight 2.6kg
Attachment AC cord
RCA-mini plug conversion cord
Remarks Upgrade to Ver.8.0 from HD53R (21,000yen)