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CEC FR-180
a price -- unknown (at the 1960s time? )

The turntable from which four kinds of number of rotations can be chosen.

The hysteresis synchronous motor is adopted as a motor.
The rise in heat over continuous running is designed small as much as possible, and also the oil supply port of the motor is established on the deck from the point of continuous running.

The single knob system by a screw cam peculiar to CEC is adopted, and the speed change of 4 speed is possible.

The neoprene synthetic rubber is used for a idler and vibration produced in the case of power transfer is absorbed.
Moreover, in the position of 0 (off) of a lightweight alloy knob, while the microswitch which interlocked is come by off, the idler has a motorized pulley and the structure of seceding from a turntable, and modification of a idler is prevented.

In order to lessen a wow and flutter more, especially, the structure of a circumference rim part is examined, the concentrated load of the weight is carried out to a rim part, and it is considered that a moment of inertia becomes large.
Up-and-down Bure of the turntable circumference is suppressed to 5/100mm or less for the stereo performance.

In special steel, after-hardening polish is given to a principal axis and lapping is given with bearing. The principal-axis soffit uses the one-point type of mounting by the steel ball and nylon thrust.
Since gun metal material is used for bearing, it excels in durability, and quiet operation is enabled. The oil supply port for exclusive use is prepared in the bearing upper part.

The frame serves as a product made from the light alloy.

Rating of a mode
Form Turntable
Drive system Belt drive system
Motor 4 pole hysteresis synchronous motor
Number of rotations 16 2/3 and 33 1/3, 45 or 78rpm
Turntable The product made from the 32.4cm light alloy, a rubber sheet, 2kg
Wow 0.15% or less
Flutter 0.1% or less
S/N 42dB (50 mm/s, 1kHz)
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz, or 60Hz
Rated apparent power 12VA
Dimensions Width 340x depth of 340mm
On a mount: 48mm
Under a mount: 110mm
Weight 5.2kg