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The D/A converter which carries DAC and the preamplifier function corresponding to 24 bits.

SM5865CM of NPC corresponding to 24 bits/192 kHz is newly adopted as a D/A converter.
Moreover, in order to realize ultra high-speed digital data transmission, the memory device for 0.3ns is used for the input unit of a DAC circuit.

The single-ended pure Class-A preamplifier is carried, and the drive of the power amplifier by DX71mkII is directly possible. Furthermore, four potention meter of 100 steps is carried in volume control, and high-quality sound and smooth volume control is realized by carrying out digital control of the resistance.
Moreover, the digital phase inverter (phase change) which makes connection with overseas amplifier easy is also carried.

The power-source part has the composition that the digital part and the analog part became independent completely, and right and left are also made to separate about an analog part.
Furthermore, a 130,000-micro F mass capacitor is carried, and also supply speed adopts the original establishment meter "time constant" amplifier which is not influenced by the engine performance of a transformer or a capacitor, and high-speed-izing of a power-source part and reduction of the noise level are aimed at.
Independent loading of the this "time constant" amplifier is carried out in each stage of the digital analog, and that capacity is super-low electron-spin resonance without frequency change, and has realized the theoretical value of 1,000,000 micro F or more.

In addition to a coaxial and optical, the super link original with AES/EBU or CEC is carried in the digital input part.
By a CEC super link, since audio data and clock data are separated and transmitted, without going via encoding of a SPDIF system, it is possible to stop sound quality degradation to the minimum.

Although the shake called ringing just before a peak and to immediately after had arisen in the usual FIR digital filter with the energy generated at the time of a peak pulse,In DX71mkII, the high speed digital filter is adopted, ringing was not generated, and the distortion on sound quality is improved.

It has succeeded in balance-izing a signal on a digital stage, and 24 bits of four DAC are carried in the parallel balance circuit where the detailed design was performed.
In addition to the reduction by half of a distortion, this is increasing signal-processing speed.

Product made by NPC   SM5865CM Super

Rating of a mode
Form D/A converter
Digital input A coaxial (same axle), optical (light), AES/EBU (XLR)
CEC super link (D-sub 9 pin)
Audio output Balanced type (XLR): Two lines
Imbalanced type (RCA): Two lines
DAC NPC SM5865CM, 24 bits
Power source 100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 6W
Dimensions Width 435x height 105x depth of 310mm
Weight 10kg
Attachment CEC super link cable
Remote control
Power cable