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The D/A converter which supplied quantization distorted reduction technology.

SM5865CM made from NPC corresponding to 24 bits is adopted as a D/A converter.
Jitter-free ultra high-speed digital data transmission was made possible, and also adoption of a linear flat filter has removed ringing distortion generated to a pulsive ripple.
Furthermore, IV converter had adopted the passive type, made it the unreturned circuit of full balance composition about the analog part, and has realized single-ended pure Class-A operation.

The high speed digital filter is carried, in order not to completely generate ringing generated with the conventional FIR digital filter, even if it was a pulsive ripple, it was not disturbed in a time-domain, but natural sound quality has been obtained.

The amplifier circuit of the class A drive carried in DX51mkIII had high speed signal processing, has gained the always stabilized distorted feedback level which is not produced to the signal, and has attained the perfect internal balance type system.
In the input-and-output stage, this amplifier has adopted the balanced type and the crossbar lance feedback system by the single end type and whole page pure class A drive.

In addition to a coaxial and optical, the digital input carries AES/EBU and a CEC super link.
The CEC super link separated and transmitted audio data and clock data, without going via encoding of a SPDIF system, and has stopped sound quality degradation to the minimum.

The push pull type DAC circuit with two current bias is adopted, and D/A conversion accuracy is raised. This circuit has eliminated zero crossing distortion which is adding bias in + and the direction of -, and is theoretically produced near current value zero.

Product made by NPC   SM5865CM Super

Rating of a mode
Form D/A converter
Digital input A coaxial (same axle), optical (light), AES/EBU (XLR)
CEC super link (D-sub 9 pin)
Audio output Balanced type (XLR): 4Vrms
Imbalanced type (RCA): 2Vrms
DAC NPC SM5865CM, 24 bits
Power source 100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 6W
Dimensions Width 435x height 100x depth of 294mm
Weight 6.7kg
Attachment CEC super link cable
Power cable