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89,250 yen(including tax, December, 2004 release)

The D/A converter which carries an original LEF circuit and new technology current injection.

With current injection, it has structure which can carry out voltage conversion of the current output signal in the conversion on voltage from the source of a current output, without returning voltage change to the output side of the preceding paragraph.
It is possible to change a current signal into a voltage signal, and to amplify and transmit it by using this current injection combining a LEF circuit, suppressing sound quality degradation by the return of a signal.
Moreover, by this system, since neither an excessive magnification stage nor negative feedback exists, the engine performance of a DAC chip is pulled out and not only the improvement in measurement spec., such as signal degradation and a distorted improvement, but the power of music expression is improving.

The LEF (Load Effect Free) circuit original with CEC is carried, and sound quality improvement and efficient-ization are realized.

Burr-Brown 1796 [ PCM] is adopted as a DAC chip.
By using two sets of PCM1796 by a monophonic recording to the signal of each L/R, the super-low distortion, the high dynamic range, and the outstanding channel separation have been obtained.

A user's fine tuning of distorted reduction of the signal of a submicroscopic small level, the Jitter by 冱igmaFS change, mitigation of noise, etc., etc. by selection (a flat/software) of the frequency response which is the feature of PCM1796, and ON and OFF of dither etc. is arbitrary, and can change.

By USB, 48kHz, the input of a digital signal is optical and corresponds to 192kHz in 96kHz, and the same axle and balance.
All these input terminals are changed into 24 bits/195 kHz, by having carried out the rise sampling, prevent a mutual intervention with an incoming signal, and carry out the phenomenon of the noise.
Moreover, an analog output terminal has two lines, unbalance (RCA) and balance (XLR).

Only when it is used by USB, a mike input and a headphone output are possible.
By USB, it can be used for a voice telephone call with PC etc. because the traffic of an audio signal with a personal computer is possible.


Rating of a mode
Form D/A converter
Digital input A coaxial (same axle), optical (light), USB
Audio output A balanced type (XLR), an imbalanced type (RCA)
DAC At the time of RCA and a XLR output: Burr-Brown make PCM1796x2
At the time of a headphone output: Burr-Brown make PCM2906
ADC At the time of a mike input: Burr-Brown make PCM2906
Frequency response 10Hz-20kHz±0.2dB (44.1kHz of sampling frequencies)
S/N ratio 115dB (44.1kHz, 32Fs)
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 5W
Dimensions Width 217.5x height 57x depth of 257mm (a terminal, button 含まず)
Weight 1.8kg
Attachment AC cord