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CEC BD-412
a price -- unknown ( at the 1960s time?)

The belt drive turntable which CEC which was a maker only for a phone motor developed for Hi-Fi maniacs.

A motor axis and a simple form of driving the turntable perimeter by one belt are adopted. In this case, the endless belt made of the synthetic rubber is adopted as the belt to be used.

CEC has adopted as a motor the hysteresis synchronous motor developed newly.
This motor is using the rotor which maintained dynamic balance strictly, and has obtained quiet rotation by special wire connection.

The turntable is suppressing up-and-down Bure and horizontal Bure to ±0.05mm or less by high-precision mixture.
Gun metal material was used for the bearing, the shaft gave polish and lapping, after tempering special steel, and the shaft soffit has obtained quiet rotation by adoption of the one-point type of mounting by the steel ball and nylon thrust.

45 rotations can be changed to 33 by button operation.

When a power switch is turned ON, a push button lights up with the neon lamp inside a push button.

A frame is a product made from the light alloy, and the wrinkle paint of a gray system is given and it can equip with dress covering made from the light alloy whose removal is possible above a motorized pulley.

Rating of a mode
Form Turntable
Drive system Belt drive system
Motor 4 pole hysteresis synchronous motor
Number of rotations 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Rotation unevenness 0.1% or less
S/N 42dB or more
Turntable Product made from light alloy 30cm, 2.3kg
Deck The product made from a form alloy, a gray color wrinkle paint, with dress covering
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz, or 60Hz
Rated apparent power 12VA
Dimensions Width 320x depth of 420mm
On a deck: 40mm
Under a deck: 120mm
Weight 7kg