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283,500 yen(including tax, April, 2007 release)

Integrated amplifier announced as first vacuum-pipe amplifier in CEC.

6L6GC is adopted as an output pipe. 6L6GC is the vacuum pipe which used as the prototype 6L6 which U.S. RCA put on the market in the 1930s, repeated upgrade after that, and improved stability and reliability.

A power amplifier part forms an inversion signal in a Mullard reversal circuit, and four 6L6GC has composition which uses two per each channel by a push pull. Furthermore, by incorporating a self-bias circuit, extension of life-span of the output pipe is also attained.
The music play with higher density has been obtained by stopping NFB to necessary minimum as a whole.

The transformer of the special edition of manual labor finishing of the skillful engineer who used Orient core material is adopted as an output transformer. There is very little phase rotation and it has obtained straight sound quality.

The Troy Dahl type which was excellent in the standup characteristic is adopted as a power transformer.
For the cure against a noise, the main part of a transformer was fixed to firm iron cases with the load material, and the disclosure flux is put into practice and eliminated.

Low distorted type volume was begun, and the part of a low noise is selected carefully and adopted also as a capacitor or resistance.

The flection glass shields by the manual labor of the aluminum material of a Naked or a glass blower are adopted.


Rating of a mode
Form Integrated amplifier
Output power 20W+20W (8ohms)
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±0dB
S/N ratio 90dB or more
THD 0.5% (8 ohms, 1kHz)
Input terminal Three RCA
Input sensitivity/impedance 400mV/100kohm
Speaker terminal One line (6ohm, 8ohm)
Valves employed Output pipe: 6L6GCx4
First rank: ECC82(12AU7) x2
Driver stage: ECC82(12AU7) x2
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 160W
The maximum Dimensions Width 227.5x height 183x depth of 410mm
Weight 16kg
Attachment AC cord