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500,000 yen(September, 2001 release)

Controlled power amplifier which carries LEF which Mr. Carlos Candeias developed.

The single ended circuit where one transistor processes all the music signals is used for AMP71. There is no variation of a dynamic range started when a music signal is not made half a wave of to divide to + and - side and the transistor has been arranged for +-each polarity of every [ each ] like many other amplifier.
Moreover, efficient high power with little generation of heat with a pure Class-A is realized by carrying an original LEF circuit.

Since good magnification of the stable linearity by a LEF circuit is possible, the NFB loop became unnecessary fundamentally and the shortest straight signal course with perfect unreturned amplifier has been realized.

Original differential full balance circuitry is adopted, and the music signal is processed in the state where it dissociated completely from an input terminal to all the domains of volume control or power amplifier, and also a speaker terminal.
Furthermore, if perfect dual monophonic composition is adopted and the inlet of AC power source is removed, it is completely symmetrical structure from the power supply circuit and input terminal carrying the toroidal transformer of 650VA to the speaker terminal.

The surveillance circuit in which the protector of the high-speed operation which eliminated the mechanical contact was carried is carried in the protection circuit, and current, voltage, direct current-offset, a power supply circuit, etc. are checked.

The thin film resistor of 100 steps is used for the volume control mechanism, and it has structure which changes a step by single FET controlled with high precision.
By this, right and left have acquired uniform channel balance and stability without a variation per hour completely.

In addition to two balance inputs and four imbalanced inputs, the RCA tape output is carried.
All the incoming signals are changed by the pulse-control relay installed in the optimal position on a substrate.


Rating of a mode
Form Controlled power amplifier
Output power 300W+300W (4ohms)
200W+200W (8ohms)
Input terminal XLR balance: Two lines
RCA unbalance: Four lines
Output terminal Tape output: One line
Speaker output: One line
S/N ratio 114dB
Gain 27dB (imbalanced input)
THD 0.018% or less
Dimensions Width 435x height 140x depth of 442mm
Weight 26kg
Attachment Remote control