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252,000 yen(December, 2006 release)

Control/power amplifier developed by the design philosophy of "shortening a signal course as much as possible."

The original volume control technology DIGM (Digital Intelligent Gain Management) is adopted.
The class A switch using a bipolar transistor is used for this volume, without dropping the level of an incoming signal,The gain of amplifier is controlled by changing a metal film air register, and the quality of amplifier is raised by carrying out the digital control of the gain of amplifier.
Volume control is 66 steps at a time at 1dB.
Moreover, by using a DIGM function, the digital balance regulating function is realized and balance adjustment on either side can be adjusted to +10dB per dB.

CEC has adopted the new generation LEF circuit (Load Effect Free) developed uniquely, and consists of pure Class-A single ended amplifier.

All the circuits serve as a full balance design from the input stage to the output stage. Furthermore, the music signal on either side is suppressing the mutual intervention between each circuit by processing in the independent circuit, respectively.

Since the loudness level of sound of the sauce in which Output voltages differ is united, the selection which raises a gain of 6dB for every input system is possible.

In order to maintain high power also to complicated load, eight 15A power transistors are adopted.

The toroidal transformer of 300W combined with the capacitor with a capacity of 90,000 micro F and the new LEF circuit is adopted as a power-source part.

The case and the volume knob have adopted aluminum extrusion molding, and, in addition to high stability etc., have heightened the cooling effect.
Moreover, the heat sink arranged immediately under top covering is united with a case, it passes cooling a heat sink and the air inhaled from the upper part of the back is discharged by the fan from the center of the bottom.

The internal temperature control system was carried, the sensor has detected the internal temperature of amplifier, and the air current in a cooling device is controlled automatically to keep internal temperature suitable.

Volume, an input change, the core temperature of amplifier, etc. are expressed as two VFD displays.


Rating of a mode
Form Control/power amplifier
Output power 100W+100W (8ohms)
Input gain 0dB, +6dB
Input terminal Balance: Two XLR
Unbalance: Two RCA
Output One speaker output
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 217.5x height 100x depth of 448mm
Weight 9.6kg
Attachment AC cord
Remote control