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Headphone stereo with wireless design.

Wireless receivers enable wireless headphones.
You can also adjust the volume at hand.

The Casio Bus Boost System (CBBS), a heavy bass circuit, realizes a powerful sound.

You can choose 2 types of Oatley Berth, one round trip and endless.

Equipped with Dolby B NR as a noise reduction system.

With the quick charger, it is possible to play for about 1 hour in 10 minutes charge.
This quick charger can also be used as an AC adapter.

It can be used with rechargeable batteries and dry batteries for a long time of about 11 hours.

Equipped with a metal tape compatible tape selector.

Model Rating
Type Headphone stereo
Track system 4-track 2-channel stereo
Tape Speed 4.8cm/sec
Frequency Response (EIAJ) 20 Hz to 18 kHz (Dolby NR off)
Maximum Practical Power (EIAJ) 5 mw + 5 mw (at DC)
Headphone port Φ 3.5 mm Stereo
Pwer 3 power source system
Attached Rechargeable Battery x1
Included AC Adapter
1 x RO3 (wireless receiver)
Battery life time
(EIAJ, during tape playback)
Approximately 1 hour (when charging the attached rechargeable battery for 10 minutes)
Approximately 3 hours (when charging the attached rechargeable battery for 60 minutes)
Approximately 7.5 hours (LR6)
Approx. 11 Hours (Attached Rechargeable Battery + LR6)
Maximum External Dimensions (EIAJ) Body : Width 77.5x Height 108.5x Depth 26.5 mm
Receiver : Width 34.4x Height 79.5x Depth 20.5 mm
Weight (including battery) Body : Approx. 189g (Body + Dedicated Rechargeable Battery)
Receiver : Approx. 35g (including RO3)
Attachment Quick Charger for AC Adapter x1
Dedicated Rechargeable Battery x1
1 battery case for AA batteries
Pochette x1
One wireless receiver
One stereo headphone