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A preamplifier that pursues not only design but also functionality and performance.

Equipped with sonic holography function.
Normally, stereo signals are sent from the left and right speakers. However, in reality, after the left audio signal reaches the left ear, the left audio signal is also sent to the right ear, which is supposed to receive the right audio signal. In other words, four pieces of music information are sent to both ears, making the sound image and sound field unclear.
In the C-1, this confused information component is canceled out by an internal special circuit, and the original depth and breadth of music are realized.
In addition to the ON/OFF switch, this function also has an Injection and Separation switch, depending on the source to be played. For studio recorded sources, the Normal injection switch is recommended. For wide live recorded sources, the Theorical position is recommended. The Separation switch is recommended for multiple instrument sources such as band sources, and the Blend position is recommended for solo instruments and vocals.

The MM cartridge position (Phono1) of the equalizer amplifier section is equipped with a cartridge load selector. The resistance value and inductance can be changed into 3 levels.
The MC cartridge position (Phono2) has a built-in high S/N and low distortion head amplifier.

G-10 glass epoxy substrate is used for the substrate, and highly accurate and reliable parts are carefully selected for devices and switches.

The tone control section can switch the turnover frequency.

Loop function for external signal processor is installed.

Equipped with an infrasonic filter on the back that can cut out unwanted low-frequency components.

Model Rating
Type Control amplifier
Frequency characteristic Phono : RIAA ± 0.25 dB
High level : 5 Hz to 200 kHz + 1 -3dB
Signal-to-noise ratio (IHF-A) Phono1:82dB
High level : 96 dBv (1 Vrms or less)
Total harmonic distortion factor Not more than 0.05%
Cross modulation distortion factor 0.04% or Less (CCIR/SMPTE)
TIM Distortion Unmeasurable
Infrasonic filter 12dB/oct., 20 Hzf ∎ = 15 Hz or less
External dimensions Width 483x Height 89x Depth 254 mm
Weight 2.7kg