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A control amplifier developed using the latest technology.

The circuit board is designed with computers and is designed for efficient signal transmission.

High-class potentiometer is used for the volume.

A toroidal transformer is used for the power supply section.

In addition to two line inputs and phono inputs, two tape inputs and two phono inputs are available for both MC and MM.
Remote switches are used for all input selectors so that signals can pass through at the shortest distance to prevent sound quality degradation and crosstalk.

There are two outputs, active and passive.
Use the passive output for normal output and the active output for long distances to active speakers or power amps.

If a record defeat circuit is installed and you select a recording without connecting it to the recording output, the playback signal will pass through as it is.

By eliminating the tone control circuit, unnecessary coloring is eliminated.

Equipped with a dedicated circuit for headphones.
It also has a MUTE switch that can be turned ON to cut the preoutput.

Model Rating
Type Control amplifier
Output voltage Passive:300mV
Maximum output voltage 11V
Input sensitivity Phono MC:0.5mV
Phono MM:4.5mV
CD, Tuner, Tape : 300 mv
Frequency characteristic 5 Hz to 130 kHz
Adaptive load impedance 2k Ω or less
Signal-to-noise ratio Phono MC:75dB
Phono MM:80dB
CD, Tuner, Tape : 94 dB
External dimensions Width 430x Height 85x Depth 316 mm
Weight 4.5kg