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A stereo power amplifier with dual monaural configuration.

A dual-monaural configuration is adopted, and interference between channels is suppressed by putting two power amplifiers in one chassis.

Two sets of high-efficiency toroidal transformers are installed in the power supply section, and two sets of custom-tune large capacitors are combined to improve low-frequency reproduction capability.

The input has two systems, normal and filter, and the filter input has a built-in high-pass filter.

Model Rating
Type Stereo power amplifier
Output (1 kHz) 110W + 110W (8 Ω)
180W + 180W (4 Ω)
250W + 250W (2 Ω)
Maximum output current ± 40A
Distortion factor 0.01% or Less (+ Noise @ 50% with load)
Signal-to-noise ratio 100dB(A-wtd)
Input sensitivity 1.1V
Input impedance 75k Ω
External dimensions Width 430x Height 85x Depth 317 mm
Weight 9.8kg