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BOSE 901 WestBorough
440,000 yen(around the one-set and 2004 time)

The speaker system developed for the purpose of reproducing the impression obtained from music before reaching to an extreme of the superiority or inferiority of the physical characteristic.
It is built in patent theories, such as "direct/reflecting", "flat power radiation", and an "active equalization."

A.M.E. (acoustic matrix enclosure) is adopted as the enclosure.
In order that this may suppress the exact reappearance and distortion of heavy low-pitched sound, the core of a cabinet is equally divided into nine correctly. The error of the dimension of each part store is finished on the scale of "1/1000 inch or less of a design value."
This has prevented equalization of air capacity, and generating of standing-wave.
Thereby, a "sound-absorbing material" like the cabinet of a common speaker becomes unnecessary, and makes it possible to use all internal niter in sound.
The greatest sonic energy is released applying braking to movement before and after corn paper, and controlling the amplitude by tuning of the bass-reflex port with which the "braking of resonance" effect with air of the cabinet uniformly defined for every unit and the back were equipped.
A bass-reflex port (rear active air column) calculates even the energy efficiency of air, and three the directivity and the compatibility of a phase which are arranged and are compressed by direction of a unit, and is arranged.
Moreover, form is designed based on the same hydrodynamics as being used for the injection tip of a jet plane, preventing the turbulence generated by high-speed injection of air, it had the capability to send out air at the speed of 100km/h momentarily, and the play which was clear and was excellent also in the amount of Oto at the response is realized.

Nine 11.5cm corn type units are used for the speaker unit.
Since a unit is finished uniformly, in order to roll the voice coil of a unit as correctly as possible, the computer program which controls 126 places is developed.
The impedance curve of the speaker which managed to the quantity of few adhesives and was made impossible [ arranging ] is made to equalize.

The gilding screw terminal type is adopted as a speaker terminal.

The active equalizer is carried.


Rating of a mode
System Direct / reflecting speaker system
Unit For [ all the ] zones: 11.5cm corn type x9
Sonic energy distribution Reflective ingredient: 89%
Direct ingredient: 11%
Allowable input 270W (rms, IEC268-5)
Impedance 8ohms
Frequency response 30Hz - 18kHz
Terminal tie-line cross-sectional area 0.75-5.5 square milimeters
Dimensions Width 538x height 322x depth of 344mm
Weight 17.2kg
Input impedance 47kohm
Output load impedance 1kohm
Dynamic range 106dB(35Hz)
Distortion 0.09% or less (at the time of THD 1kHz and 1V input)
a room -- acoustic Mid-Bass: 225Hz, ±6dB
Compensation control Mid-Treble: 3kHz, ±6dB
Bass switch 3kHz, -6 dB/oct
Rated power consumption 3W
Dimensions Width 330x height 70x depth of 125mm
Weight 1.5kg
Attachment : Insulator 4 piece/1
Audio pin cable x2
Option : It is a stand every exclusive floor. PS-9 (2 sets [ 1 ], 40,000yen)