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BOSE 6.2
119,600 yen(around two sets of the 1-set and 1988 times)

The speaker system developed only for stereophonic reproduction in order to realize the stereo sound which was able to balance on either side firmly at any places of the room.

In consideration of directivity becoming tight, acoustic directional control (radiation pattern adjustment of a unit) united with play frequency so that a spread of the optimal sound might be realized in any compasses is performed, so that frequency becomes high.

Two 7.5cm corn type tweeters are carried in the 20cm corn type Woofer and the high region low-pass.
In order to improve the linearity at the time of the Koide power, while adopting very light corn paper, the aluminum ribbon edgewise volume which made full use of a computer is introduced into a voice coil, and low resistance and a quantity linearity are pursued. It is possible for this to drive efficiently also in a small magnetism circuit.

A Woofer unit swerves outside from the center of a front baffle plate, and is mounted. It is possible to be able to acquire the big reflective effect, to fully raise radiation power by an inner side with a large baffle area by this, and to emit sound to the large area of a listening room.
This baffle area is tuned up by computer so that an effect may demonstrate to an improvement of the zone (500Hz - 1kHz) where influence begins to appear to directivity.

Before the Woofer, a tweeter unit gives a separate angle and is being fixed two, wire connection of the direction turned inside was carried out to the Woofer with the corresponding phase, and it has diffused sound widely in the listening room by the synergy of radiation power.
Moreover, wire connection of another [ which was turned outside ] tweeter is carried out as an object for control of sonic energy, and it works with a Woofer and an inversion phase, and if set to 5kHz or more, it has structure which cut the output by the bypass circuit in the zone (1kHz - 5kHz).

The enclosure has dual chamber structure which divided the core into two rooms.
Air capacity which the subport is prepared inside and passed,While being controlled by the air resistance in the main port established in the front baffle and negating generating of standing-wave, air inside the enclosure is efficiently changed into low-pass, stopping the corn motion of a Woofer effectively.

In order to make a speaker from the quality as theoretical, the design and the production process are managed by original computer (cincom III) developed for making a speaker.
Moreover, in the final stage of a design, the listening comprehension test staff of included BOSE checked sound with the lug, and has fed back the artist and the studio engineer to the product.

There was an exclusive speaker stand as an option.


Rating of a mode
System 2 ways and 2 speaker book shelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 20cm corn type
For high regions: 7.5cm corn type x2
Allowable input (IEC) 100W(rms)
Impedance 4ohms
Dimensions Width 508x height 254x depth of 244mm
Weight 8.8kg
Option Speaker stand AS-1 (2 sets [ 1 ], 15,000yen)