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BOSE 301
price - unknown (one set, the 1976 release)

The speaker system which was the smallest in the lineup of a BOSE of those days, and was designed by low cost.
It has been the feature to have attached the high region aslant towards the outside.

A 7.5cm corn type unit is adopted as the unit a 20cm corn type unit and for high regions for low-pass.
By changing the angle of the deflector in the front of the tweeter attached aslant, it has a room and structure which unites acoustically and can be controlled in the sonic energy of inside and a quantity region.

The crossover network has adopted as two places the dual frequency crossover network which gave transition frequency.
While the fundamental pitch part of a musical instrument concentrates, when a Woofer and a tweeter take charge of a common play zone over one or more octaves in a region, the frequency response with all the zones smooth in a flat is acquired.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways and 2 speaker direct / reflecting system, and a book shelf type
Use unit For low-pass: 20cm corn type
For high regions: 7.5cm corn type
Crossover frequency 1200Hz, 3000Hz
Impedance 8ohms
Dimensions Width 433x height 268x depth of 236mm
Weight 6.73kg