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A record player that can be linked with Beomaster2400.

A high-precision motor using an electronic servo system is used for the drive part of the turntable to provide stable power through a belt.
In addition, B & O's unique sub-chassis system is used for the support mechanism to isolate it from acoustic and mechanical vibrations.

The turntable plate has a NEXTEL finish to prevent static charge on the surface of the record. This automatically neutralizes static charge on the record and reduces the influence of dust and dirt. The adapter built into the center has a special sensing capability to detect the size of the record and set it to the specified number of revolutions. If there is no record, it also commands it to protect the needle tip of the cartridge.

The tone arm part adopts a new supporting structure based on the principle of knife edge method and a tone arm using a new material that withstands weight reduction.
The knife-edge method has the advantage that there is little movement at the support point and the contact point is minimized, and it is highly effective in eliminating friction. The moment of inertia is also reduced by positioning a very light brass counterweight close to the support point of the tone arm.
The support is made of a new material that combines metal, reinforced fiber and plastic, and the arm itself is made of special reinforced aluminum to realize a slim and smart tone arm.

The cartridge contains the MMC-20 series (MMC-20EN).
This cartridge limits the effective mass of the vibrator to 0.4 mg, and together with the tone arm with low moment of inertia, the resonance frequency is limited to 14 Hz, making it possible to carry out stable tracing especially when playing a wavy record.

The operation functions are concentrated on the front inclined panel, so you can operate with a light touch.
The operation can be confirmed by the lamp.

The dust cover is integrated so that it does not fly out even when the cover is opened.

The product had been fully investigated and shipped, and it was possible to play by simply placing a turntable and unscrewing the shipping screw.
In addition, data obtained by computer inspection was attached to the cartridges.

Model Rating
Type Record player
<Turntable portion>
Drive system Belt drive
Number of revolutions 33, 45 rpm
Motor Servo motor with DC tachometer
Wow flutter 0.025%(WRMS)
Signal-to-noise ratio 65dB(WTD)
Speed fine adjustment range + / - 3%
Rotational speed deviation 0.05%
Tone Arm Section
Type Lomas type
Effective length 229mm
Tracking error 0.11 ゜ / cm
Needle pressure range 0 ~ 2g
Attachment mechanism Inside for scan seller
Cartridge Section
Model Name MMC20EN
Power generation system MI Type
Output voltage 2.12mV(5cm/sec)
Needle pressure Optimal (1.2g)
Playback frequency band 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 2 dB
Channel separation 25dB(1kHz)
Compliance 25 μ m/mN
Load resistance 47k Ω
Needle tip 5x17 μ Ellipse
Power consumption 8W
External dimensions Width 440x Height 85x Depth 370 mm
Weight 6.5kg