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A full-auto type record player that allows you to freely select the record size and speed with one control.

A belt idler drive system is adopted for the drive system, and a synchronous AC motor is used for the motor.

The tone arm uses a full-auto type.
This arm has a built-in automatic adjustment device that does not skid, and it moves up and down automatically when it operates automatically.

SP14 which adopts MMC (Moving Micro Cross) system is used for the pickup part.

In the cabinet, the arm is fixed and the chassis are separated, and by adopting a design of a turntable and a float, needle skipping due to vibration is reduced.

The record size is 30 cm, 25 cm and 17 cm, and the speed is 33 and 45 rotations.

Model Rating
Type Record player
Motor Synchronous AC motor
Drive system Belt idler drive system
Wow flutter Not more than 0.015%
Tone arm Full auto
Number of revolutions 33/45rpm
Cartridge MMC Type (SP14)
Power consumption 10W
External dimensions Width 440x Height 120x Depth 330 mm
Weight 9kg