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An active speaker system with one less woofer than the BM18.

The Bucks & Mueller active speaker system incorporates feedback that compares the input and output signals to compensate for distortion, including the physical vibration of the enclosure.
The low-mid range unit uses inductive negative feedback, which corrects the voltage generated between the sensor attached to the diaphragm and the magnetic field of the unit by comparing it with the original signal, while the high-range unit uses capacitive negative feedback, which compares the voltage between the diaphragm and the grid with the original signal.

The BM12 consists of six 5-way units with two 25 cm cone woofers in the low range, a 20 cm cone mid-bus unit in the middle range, a 13 cm cone mid-range in the middle range, a 3.7 cm dome tweeter in the high range, and a 1.9 cm dome super-tweeter in the ultra high range.
The same units and control circuits as those of the BM30 are used.
The bus range of the BM12 is divided into two bands, 12 Hz to 85 Hz and 85 Hz to 200 Hz, to improve the accuracy of the low-frequency reproduction capability.

It comes with a PPG (Sound Level Program Digital Cable Remote Control) that can adjust the sound level of individual units.
With this remote control, you can control the sound level of each unit within ± 8 dB. You can preset up to two different sound levels. The shape of the remote control allows you to adjust the sound level in the listening position. You can switch between three different sound levels in combination with the preset original sound level.
Tuning is done directly in the frequency network, and the remote control and cable handle only the tuning signal, preventing degradation of the music signal.

The exterior finish comes in Walnut Natural, Oak Natural and Oak Black variations.

Model Rating
Method Built-in Amplifier / 5-way / 5-speaker / Floor Type
Speaker Unit
Units Used For Low Band : 25 cm Cone Type (with inductive feedback system)
For Middle and Low Band : 20 cm Cone Type (with inductive feedback system)
For Middle Range : 13 cm Cone Type (with inductive feedback system)
For High Range : 3.7 cm Dome Type (with Capacitive Feedback System)
For Super High Band : 1.9 cm Dome Type (with Capacitive Feedback System)
Amplifier Unit
Effective power Bipolar High Level Stage : 5 x 130W (4 Ω)
Input terminal Balanced / unbalanced XLR connectors
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Guaranteed operation 90 V ~ 110 V
External dimensions Width 300x Height 1,160x Depth 410 mm (+ 60 mm Heat Sink)
Weight 63kg
Accessories PPG (2 sound-level programmable digital cable remote control / connection cable)
Two power cables
Two line cables (XLR-XLR)
Two line cables (XLR-RCA)