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Accuphase T-110CS
220,000 yen(November, 1995 release)

The CS-PCM tuner in which the MMB system D/A converter was carried.

The MMB (Multiple Multi-Bit) system D/A converter which is proud of outstanding engine performance and sound quality is carried.
This D/A converter carries out the four-piece parallel drive of the 18-bit D/A converter selected carefully, it is what aimed at the extensive engine-performance improvement, and inputs the output of an oversampling digital filter into each converter parallel 8 times, and adds it in the state immediately after carrying out D/A conversion. For this reason, regardless of the frequency and the level of a signal, the engine performance is improved with all the frequency and all the signal levels.
The parallel drive of the MMB system is performing not simple parallel connection but operation which every piece became independent of, respectively, and since full operation is carried out even when each D/A converter is independent respectively, management of a phase serves as weight on high frequency.
In T-110CS, coincidence of an ideal phase is realized by selecting a converter element carefully and improving the approximation nature of arrangement and a circuit pattern.

An 18-bit 8 time oversampling digital filter is carried in the digital filter.
In the digital filter, the inputted digital signal is made high to an integral multiple, it separates from a music signal in the distance, the degree of a latter analog filter is lowered, and rotation of the phase is suppressed.

The digital B mode of CS-PCM satellite broadcasting exceeds the level of CD by 48kHz of sampling frequencies, and a 16-bit straight line quantization system, and is proud of high-quality sound almost equivalent to DAT.
Moreover, various programs can be enjoyed by individual channel organization which cannot be heard by other media by special broadcast classified by [ of 12 channels ] genre.

VITABI compound (system which compounds data under voice) LSI and PCM compound LSI which were integrated more highly and raised the engine performance are carried in the PCM tuner part.

The antenna adjustment switch and antenna input level display function which can perform adjustment of an antenna simply are carried.
An antenna is adjusted so that this level display may be the greatest point, and it will become renewable if it becomes more than a receivable level.

The 3rd GIC (Generalized Immitance Converter) Butterworth filter with little phase rotation is adopted as an active filter.
This circuit has the loose phase characteristic, and since a signal does not pass along an active element by a passage region, the outstanding sound quality can be obtained in it.

For connection with digital equipment, a toss link and two digital output terminals of the same axle RCA are carried.
By connecting digital recorders, such as DAT, digital recording is direct possible.

The analog output terminal carries the XLR type connector for balance, and the RCA type connector for disequilibrium.
The balance output has structure in the full balance circuit by which floating was carried out from the ground. Moreover, it is possible to remove the noise induced by the visitor noise in the middle of transmission, and to prevent degradation of sound quality.

The scramble decoder of a core tech system is built in.

The commercial antenna for CS broadcasting (the local oscillation frequency of a converter is 11.2GHz) is supported.


Rating of a mode
Form CS-PCM tuner
Antenna input structure The high frequency same axle C15 type receptacle (F type connector)
Receiving range (converter frequency: 11.2GHz) JCSAT:J1-J15
AUX: 1300MHz - 1770MHz
Bit stream output signal level BIT STREAM: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohms
Sampling frequency A mode: 32kHz
B mode: 48kHz
Quantization A mode: 14/10-bit semi- instant pressure growth
B mode: 16-bit straight line
Voice response change A mode: SOUND 1/2
At the time of a DUAL sound: MAIN/SUB/MAIN+SUB
Digital output format level
(EIAJ, CP-1201)
Format: Digital Audio Interface
Optical: -21dBm - -15dBm
Coaxial: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohms
Frequency response A mode: 4.0Hz-15kHz±0.5dB
B mode: 4.0Hz-22kHz±0.5dB
D/A converter FourMMB systems, 18 bits
Digital filter 18 bits, 8 time oversampling
THD + noise 0.0025%(1kHz)
S/N ratio 115dB
Channel separation 90dB
Analog output voltage / impedance Balanced: 2.0V/50 ohm (balanced XLR type)
Unbalanced: 2.0V/50 ohm (RCA phono jack)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 29W
The maximum Dimensions Width 475x height 140x depth of 391mm
Weight 9.5kg
Attachment: Remote commander RC-16
Remote control system Infrared pulse system
Power source DC3V
Battery Two AA (SUM-3/R6) use
The maximum Dimensions Width 44.5x height 136x depth of 18mm
Weight 110g (battery included)