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Accuphase T-103
150,000 yen(January, 1979 release)

FM tuner of a highly complete variable condenser system and the hybrid system which combined the strong point of the digital display which can perform exact frequency spectrum designation.

Instead of an infestation dial type, a digital display is made a crystal oscillator at intervals of 100kHz by a counter circuit. However, the received frequency can carry out variable continuously, and a 0.01MHz beam is rounded off and it is displayed.
The exact aligning point is performing detuning frequency in the center directions type tuning meter which is in a scale.
Moreover, when a digital display machine turns off the power switch, it works as a clock. It is also possible to check time with a switch also during reception.

The front end part has adopted
5 continuous variable condenser system.

In the intermediate frequency circuit, since it is compatible in the high selection degree characteristic and a low distortion, the SAW filter (surface elastic wave filter) and LC filter which were excellent in the degree of selection and the county delay characteristic have been combined.
A SAW filter is the abbreviation for Surface Acoustic Wave,2 sets of things which made the electrode of the state of the teeth of a comb counter on the piezo-electric body are made, piezo excitation of the oscillation side is carried out, and it is considered as surface vibration, and tells a received electrode, electric conversion is carried out again, and the stable engine performance is maintained over a long period of time with the new filter which can determine frequency and bandwidth in the elasticity of a material, or the form of an electrode.
Moreover, the degree of selection is two-step switching of Normal (low distortion) and Narrow (the degree of high selection), and consideration is carried out to contiguity interference.

It multiplies by the signal and input wave which passed along the phase converter (circuit which displaces phase) which changes to a wave detector linearly according to frequency focusing on 90 degrees, and an audio signal is acquired. "it is and the changed type wave detector which meets is used.
The detection characteristic near non-distortion has been acquired by this broadband linear phase phase converter.

PLL Demodulator who built in the circuit which removes a pilot career is used for the circuit which restores to a synthetic signal on either side in a stereo.

It has two of the meter which can change and check the zero center meter (with a detuning frequency scale), the "incoming signal level" and an "abnormal-conditions machine", and the "multipass" for exact alignment with a switch.
The incoming signal level can know a dBf Direct-reading scale, the degree of modulation can know full-scale 200% by peak support, and the multipass can know suitable or isn't suitable of the direction of an antenna by a clear mark.

The noise filter which reduces a noise at the time of reception of the weak stereo of an electric wave, the mode switch which changes a stereophonic broadcast to a monophonic recording, the muting switch which removes the noise between offices, the dimmer switch which 減光 a frequency-spectrum-designation machine, etc. are carried.

The At

Rating of a mode
Form Digital display FM tuner
<Monophonic characteristic>
Sensitivity Practical speed: 11.2dBf
S/N50dB sensitivity: 17.3dBf
Standing-wave ratio 1.5
S/N (65dBf input) 77dB
(at the time of 65dBf input and the Selectivity switch Normal)
100Hz : 0.03% or less
1kHz : 0.03% or less
6kHz : 0.03% or less
10kHz : 0.04% or less
IM distortion (14Hz:15kHz=1:1) 0.01% or less (antenna input 65dBf, 100% abnormal conditions)
Frequency response 20Hz-15000Hz+0 -0.5 dB
The degree of 2 signal selection (45dBf input)
Disturbance wave Selectivity Normal Selectivity Narrow
400kHz 50dB 100dB
200kHz 6dB 20dB
Capture ratio 1.5dB
RF inter-modulation 75dB
Spurious disturbance ratio 120dB
Image ratio 120dB
IF/2 spurious response 100dB
AM oppression ratio (65dBf input) 80dB
Subcarrier oppression ratio 80dB
SCA disturbance ratio 80dB
Output voltage (100% abnormal conditions) 1.5V
<Stereo characteristic>
Sensitivity S/N 40dB sensitivity: 28.8dBf
S/N 50dB sensitivity: 37.3dBf
S/N (65dBf input) 75dB
THD (65dBf input) 100Hz : 0.03% or less
1kHz : 0.03% or less
6kHz : 0.05% or less
10kHz : 0.1% or less
IM distortion (9kHz:10kHz=1:1) 0.03% or less (antenna input 65dBf, stereo 100% abnormal conditions)
Frequency response 20Hz-15000Hz+0 -0.5 dB
Stereo separation 100Hz:50dB
Stereo change inlet pressure 10.2dBf
Received frequency 76.0MHz - 90.0MHz, a continuation variable
Frequency spectrum designation 100kHz feeling and a 10kHz beam are rounded off.
Alignment system Precision 5 連 variable condenser
Frequency stability Less than ±30kHz
Output load impedance Fixed output terminal: 200ohms
Variable output terminal: 2.5kohm
Antenna input impedance Balance: 300ohms
Unbalance: 75ohms
Meter Two pieces
A signal strength meter / multipass / modulation change type
Center tuning
Digital clock Crystal oscillation type
Accuracy: It is less than [ monthly difference±15 second ] at 20 degrees C.
The semiconductor used FET: Five pieces
Transistor: 24 pieces
IC: 13 pieces
Diode: 25 pieces
Power source 100V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 25W
Dimensions the width 445x height 128(piece included) x depth of 370mm
Weight 10.0kg
Option Wood cabinet A-9 (15,000yen)