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Accuphase T-101
110,000 yen(May, 1974 release)

FM stereo tuner developed aiming at driving below into a marginal level undetectable with a lug jamming, noise, distortion, etc. which are mixed in the middle of transmission.

In the front end part, the dynamic range has acquired the widely excellent characteristic with the combination of the precision variable condenser only for frequency straight line Joint 4 FM, the high frequency magnification stage using the dual gate MOS FET, a mixed circuit, and a high stability local oscillating circuit with a buffer.

In the intermediate frequency circuit, in order to solve contiguity disturbance, the variable selection degree type is adopted, and in order distortion few, it is the combination of the newly developed ten-step LC concentration type phase straight line band pass filter and a high selection degree piezo trembler filter.
When only a straight line phase filter works and there is contiguity disturbance usually, by changing a Selectivity switch to Narrow, a piezo trembler filter is added, it becomes the high selection degree characteristic, jamming is removed, and clear reception can be performed.

The 1200kHz broadband discriminator with 3 times [ usual ] as many zones is adopted as a detection circuit.

In the stereo recovery part, the coil and no capacitor were used but the phase lock loop recovery circuit which synchronizes automatically the phase of a pilot signal and the phase of a subcarrier oscillator which are sent from a broadcasting station is adopted.

The multipass meter which became independent besides a signal strength meter and center tuning meter is carried.
The best direction of an antenna can be easily found out in this meter.

The muting switch, the switch which receives only a stereo noise filter and FM stereophonic broadcast, etc. are carried.
The detection output circuit is also carried in preparation for four-channel broadcast.

There was a walnut cabinet as an option.

Rating of a mode
Form FM stereo tuner
<Monophonic characteristic>
Practical speed 11dBf (new IHF)
2.0 microvolts (IHF)
50dBS/N 18dBf (new IHF)
4.5 microvolts (IHF)
Standing-wave ratio 1.5
S/N (65dBf input) 75dB
(at the time of 65dBf input and the Selectivity switch Normal)
IM distortion (14Hz:15kHz=1:1) 0.2% (65dBf, 100% abnormal conditions)
Frequency response 20Hz-15000Hz+0 -1.0 dB
The degree of 2 signal selection (45dBf input)
Disturbance wave Selectivity Normal Selectivity Narrow
400kHz 55dB 100dB
300kHz 30dB 75dB
200kHz 6dB 20dB
Capture ratio 2.0dB
RF inter-modulation 70dB
Spurious disturbance ratio 100dB
Image ratio (76MHz - 90MHz) 90dB
IF disturbance ratio 100dB
AM oppression ratio (65dBf input) 55dB
Frequency stability ±30kHz
Frequency accuracy ±0.2%
Output voltage (100% abnormal conditions) 2.0V
<Stereo characteristic>
Practical speed 31dBf (new IHF)
20 microvolts (IHF)
50dBS/N 38dBf (new IHF)
45 microvolts (IHF)
S/N (65dBf input) 70dB
(at the time of 65dBf input and Selectivity Normal)
Frequency response 20Hz-15kHz+0 -1.0 dB
Stereo separation 100Hz:35dB
Stereo change inlet pressure 19dBf (new IHF)
5 microvolts (IHF)
Muting level 19dBf (new IHF)
5 microvolts (IHF)
SCA disturbance ratio 60dB
19kHz, 38kHz disclosure -70dB
The variable condenser used Frequency straight line type precision 4 連
Output load impedance Fixed output terminal: 200ohms
Variable output terminal: 2.5kohm
Antenna input impedance Balance: 300ohms
Unbalance: 75ohms
Meter Three pieces
A signal strength meter, a multipass, center tuning
The semiconductor used Transistor: 25 pieces
FET: Two pieces
IC: Seven pieces
Diode: 24 pieces
Power supply voltage AC100V/117V/220V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 26W
Dimensions Width 455x height 152x depth of 355mm
Weight 11.1kg
Option Wood cabinet A-3