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Accuphase AD-290
200,000 yen(November, 1993 release)

The phone equalizer unit developed by C-control amplifier 290 exclusive use.
Record playback is attained by extending from the rear panel of C-290.

The glass PRO base adopted as C-290 is adopted, and the influence of external is suppressed by storing in a strong aluminum case.

The connection with a main part has adopted the connector of a reliable DIN standard, and all changes of a function can be operated in respect of the panel of C-290.

The circuit consists of all the circuit symmetrical type push pulls, and is equipped with the exclusive input circuit which matched the cartridge of each MM/MC. In order to consistent with the high-output impedance of a cartridge at the time of MM input, to constitute it from an FET element of high S/N and to receive a minute signal by low impedance at the time of MC input,The difference input circuit by a low noise element is constituted, and low noise reproduction is aimed at by attaining low impedance-ization of a NFB loop.

Since the characteristic of a cartridge and matching are taken, MC input impedance can choose three kinds, 10, 30, and 100ohm.
Moreover, to compensate for the output of a cartridge, 62dB and 68dB can be chosen by MC, and a profit can also choose 30dB and 36dB by MM.
It is possible to perform all of these changes in respect of the main part panel of C-290.


Rating of a mode
(at the time of C-290 connection)
Form The phone equalizer unit only for C-290
Frequency response AD input(MM/36dB, MC): 20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
AD input(MM/30dB): 20Hz-20kHz±0.3dB
THD 0.005%
Input sensitivity/impedance
Input terminal Input sensitivity Impedance
Output power 0.5V output
AD MM(30dB): 4.0mV 1.0mV 47kohm
AD MM(36dB): 2.0mV 0.5mV 47kohm
AD MC(62dB): 0.1mV 0.025mV 10ohms/30ohm/100ohm
AD MC(68dB): 0.05mV 0.0125mV 10ohms/30ohm/100ohm
S/N and input conversion noise
Input terminal Input short IEC-A compensation EIA S/N
It is S/N at the time of a rated input. Input conversion noise
AD MM(30dB): 94dB -140dBV 86dB
AD MM(36dB): 90dB -140dBV 86dB
AD MC(62dB): 80dB -154dBV 85dB
AD MC(68dB): 75dB -154dBV 85dB
The AD maximum inlet pressure
(1kHz, 0.005% of distortion)
Gain AD MM (30/36dB) input->Balanced/Unbalanced output: 48 / 54dB
AD MM (30/36dB) input->Rec output: 30 / 36dB
AD MC (60/66dB) input->Balanced/Unbalanced output: 80 / 86dB
AD MC (60/66dB) input->Rec output: 62 / 68dB