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Accuphase AD-275
100,000 yen(July, 1995 release)

The phone equalizer unit developed by C-control amplifier 275 exclusive use.
Extension of this unit enables it to play an analog record by C-275.

The current feed bag magnification circuit is adopted as circuit composition.
By operating the good circuit of the nakedness characteristic by a little NFB and slight phase compensation, a natural response and a feeling of an acoustic field have been obtained.
All of these circuits consist of discrete parts for sound quality serious consideration.

It has the input circuit in consideration of the characteristic of the cartridge of each MM/MC model for exclusive use.
It constitutes from an FET element which can maintain high input impedance over all the frequency bands since the Output voltage of a cartridge and the Output load impedance are high at the time of MM input, and MC input constitutes the input circuit by a low noise element in order to receive a very small signal by low impedance.
Moreover, two-step adjustment of a three-stage and a profit is possible for MC input in impedance.

The print base of the glass epoxy resin plated with gold is used for AD-275, and it is constituted by the board of two right and left which carries an independent constant-voltage power supply circuit.
Each board is stored by strong aluminum housing and the influence from the outside is suppressed.

Use by other apparatus cannot be performed for C-275 exclusive use.


Rating of a mode
(at the time of C-275 connection)
Form The phone equalizer unit only for C-275
Frequency response AD Input: 20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
THD 0.005%
Input sensitivity/impedance
Input terminal Input sensitivity Impedance
Output power 0.5V output
AD MM: 4.0mV 1.0mV 47kohm
AD MC(60dB): 0.25mV 0.063mV 10ohms/30ohm/100ohm
AD MC(66dB): 0.125mV 0.0315mV 10ohms/30ohm/100ohm
S/N and input conversion noise
Input terminal Input short IEC-A compensation EIA S/N
It is S/N at the time of a rated input. Input conversion noise
AD MM: 92dB -134dBV 85dB
AD MC(60dB): 79dB -151dBV 85dB
AD MC(66dB): 75dB -153dBV 84dB
Output-power voltage 2.0mV
The AD maximum inlet pressure
(distortion 0.005%)
Gain AD MM Input->Balanced/Unbalanced Output: 48dB
AD MM Input->Rec Output: 30dB
AD MC (60/66dB) Input->Balanced/Unbalanced Output: 78 / 84dB
AD MC (60/66dB) Input->Rec Output: 60 / 66dB