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Accuphase P-1000
1,100,000 yen(June, 1999 release)


Stereo power amplifier which inherited the design technology of M-2000 or A-50V, supplied the element of the highest grade, and applied the polish to sound quality further.

The high power transistor of the collector loss 130W and collector current 15A is adopted as the output element of P-1000. This element is excellent in many characteristics, such as a frequency response, a current gain linearity, and switching, and super-low impedance-ization is attained with constituting this element from an 11-parallel push pull.
These elements are attached on the huge heat sink by aluminum die-casting, efficient heat dissipation processing is carried out, and the Oide power power amplifier even with 1-ohm linear super-low impedance load is realized.

The current feedback type magnification circuit which returns an output signal in the form of current is adopted as circuit composition.
In this circuit, the impedance of the input terminal which becomes the return side is lowered first, and current is detected. I-V (current-voltage) conversion of the current is carried out with a transformer impedance amplifier, and the output signal is made.
In order that it may be hard to generate phase rotation since the impedance of a return input portion is very low, and there may almost be no necessity for phase compensation, many characteristics have been sharply improved by a little NFB(s), it excelled in dynamic characteristics, such as a standup, and the natural energy response has been obtained also in respect of sound quality.

The use as monophonic power amplifier of bridge connection with the changeover switch carried in P-1000 is possible.
Bridge connection is a system which inputs the same signal as two amplifier with which polarity differs, and connects a speaker to the output end of both amplifier, and can supply high power.

The printed circuit board by a Teflon base is adopted as an electric power magnification circuit.
Teflon has the features, like what has a low dielectric constant, and very little (low loss) leak current between the patterns formed on the printed circuit board, heat resistance, and the high frequency characteristic are excellent.
By use of this Teflon base, since the dielectric constant is low, the propagation velocity of a signal becomes quick, and since there is little path loss, purer transmission of a signal is possible.

Copper with high purity is used for the parts which signals, such as a grounded plate, a capacitor terminal, an input terminal, a speaker terminal, etc. in which a printed board Copper-foil side and ripple current flow, pass. In P-1000, improvement in sound quality put into practice by performing plate-ization with gold on this is aimed at.

The large-sized toroidal transformer of the large power capacity of about 1.5 kVA is adopted as a power transformer. Furthermore, it excels in heat conduction, and using the high load material of the vibrationproofing effect, it adheres to the unresonated aluminum case of efficient heat dissipation structure, and the influence on the exterior is intercepted.
Impedance of a toroidal transformer is very low in order to coil thick copper wire around a doughnut-like core, and it is small, and conversion efficiency is very high. In particular, in P-1000, the super ring type is adopted, the section of an iron core can also roll a coil in a circle closely circularly, and since adhesion nature is good, a loss can lessen the leakage flux at the time of load, and a roar few,Furthermore, iron loss and in rushes current are small made by making the cross-sectional area of an iron core small, and enlarging the rate of a bulk density of copper wire.
Moreover, two large scale types of 56,000 micro F are carried in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

it can respond also to a very-thick speaker cable -- the large-sized speaker terminal is overly carried.
A brass Naked is used for the material of a terminal, it begins to delete, the golden plate is formed, and the mould cap of the insulated purpose is put from on the.

The balance connection which cannot receive visitor guidance noise easily is carried.
In balance transmission, in order that the noise ingredient generated in a cable may go into two poles at this phase, if compounded, only a noise ingredient will disappear and the good signal transmission of it becomes possible.

The analog type large-sized power meter which can carry out the Direct reading of the large power range by logarithm compression is carried.
Operation of meter and on/off of lighting are possible.

Rear Internal
Power Golden
A Use
Power The Speaker

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo power amplifier
Rated continuation average output
(20Hz - 20kHz)
At the time of stereo specification
(both channel operation) :
1,000 W/ch (it restricts to 1 ohm and a music signal)
500 W/ch (2ohms)
250 W/ch (4ohms)
125 W/ch (8ohms)
At the time of mono specification
(bridge connection) :
2,000W (it restricts to 2 ohms and a music signal)
1,000W (4ohms)
500W (8ohms)
At the time of stereo specification (both ch(es) operation) : 0.05% (2ohms)
0.03% (4ohm-16ohm)
At the time of mono specification (bridge connection) : 0.03% (4ohm-16ohm)
IM distortion 0.003%
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz+0 -0.2 dB (at the time of a rated continuation average output)
0.5Hz-150kHz+0 -3.0dB (at the time of 1W output)
Gain (profit) 28.0dB (at the time of stereo/mono specification)
Load impedance At the time of stereo specification: 2ohms - 16ohms
At the time of mono specification: 4ohms - 16ohms
* Restrict to a music signal and stereo1ohm and mono2ohm load are possible.
Dumping factor 300 (at the time of stereo/mono specification)
Input sensitivity (8-ohm load)
At the time of stereo specification : 1.26V (at the time of a rated continuation average output)
0.11V (at the time of 1W output)
At the time of mono specification : 2.52V (at the time of a rated continuation average output)
0.11V (at the time of 1W output)
Input impedance Balance input: 40kohm
Imbalanced Input: 20kohm
(A compensation, input short-circuit)
114dB (at the time of a rated continuation average output)
117dB (at the time of a clipping output)
Power output meter A logarithm compression type, with a display putting-out-lights function
- 60dB - +3dB, and the output Direct-reading scale of 2-ohm load
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 148W (at the time of no inputting)
1,070W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
635W (at the time of an 8-ohm load Output power)
The maximum Dimensions Width 475x height 258x depth of 545mm
Weight 50kg