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E-211 image

The integrated amplifier which was further refined based on E-210 and developed as an amplifier with a higher degree of perfection.

For the power amplifier, a power transistor for high output audio with excellent characteristics such as current amplification factor linearity and switching is adopted. This element is configured by parallel push-pull and mounted on a large heat sink for efficient heat dissipation.
Moreover, the operation|movement with respect to heat employ|adopts the power MOS FET of a negative characteristic as the drive stage, the power transistor of a positive characteristic and a thermal inclination are canceled, and the stable operation is guaranteed.

In E-211, the current feedback type amplification circuit which returns an output signal in the form of current is adopted.
The principle of this circuit is to lower the impedance of the input terminal which is the feedback side, detect the current, and convert the current into I-V (current-voltage) with a transformer impedance amplifier to create an output signal. Therefore, since the impedance of the feedback input part is low, phase rotation is hard to occur, and there is almost no need to guarantee the phase.
As a result, various characteristics can be greatly improved with a small amount of NFB, so dynamic characteristics such as rising are excellent and a natural energy response is obtained.

The logic relay control system which controls a relay electronically is adopted because a straight signal course is constituted at the shortest.
The sealed relay for communication industry is adopted as the relay used for this, and the contact uses the thing of low contact resistance and high durability by the gold pasting and crossover twin method.

The tone control of the addition type active filter system used for a graphic equalizer is carried in the tone control.
In this system, the original flat signal passes straight, and if necessary, another characteristic is made, and by adding or subtracting from the flat signal, it has a structure that is more advantageous in sound quality than conventional tone control.

A power transformer with a large power capacity of about 400VA is used in the power supply section.
Moreover, two 22,000-micro F thing is carried in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor which converts the pulsating current which passed the rectifier into direct current.

The logarithmic compression type output direct-reading peak power meter is carried.

The balance input is carried.

Equipped with speaker terminals that can support thick speaker cables.
Two systems can be switched and used, or bi-wiring connection is possible.

A remote commander that can switch volume and input is included.

Equipped with an optional board slot, it can be expanded with a board that supports the AAB standard (Accuphase Analog Bus).

Model rating
Model Integrated stereo amplifier
Rated continuous average output
(Both channel operation, 20Hz-20kHz)
115W/ch (4Ω)
105W/ch (6Ω)
Total harmonic distortion (both channel operation) 0.04% (4Ω to 16Ω load)
IM distortion rate 0.01%
Frequency characteristics High Level input:20Hz~20kHz +0 -0.2dB (at rated continuous average output)
Damping factor 110 (8Ω load, 50Hz)
Input sensitivity/impedance
(rated output/EIA 1W output)
High Level input:213mV/22.5mV/20kΩ
Balanced input: 213mV/22.5mV/40kΩ
Gain High Level input → output:42dB
S/N, input conversion noise
Input short-circuit/A-correction EIA S/N
S/N at rated output Input conversion noise
High Level input: 110dB -129dBV 81dB
Balanced input: 92dB -111dBV 81dB
Tone control Bass (300Hz): ±10dB (50Hz)
High tone (3kHz): ±10dB (20kHz)
Loudness compensator +6dB (200Hz, Volume -30dB)
Power meter Logarithmic compression type peak level display
Direct reading of output with dB scale and 8Ω load
Load impedance 4Ω~16Ω
headphone jack Compatible impedance: 4Ω to 100Ω
power supply AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 30W (without input)
220W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
336W (at 8Ω load rated output)
Maximum external dimensions Width 475x height 150x depth of 422mm
weight 18.5kg
Included:Remote Commander RC-23
Remote control method Infrared pulse method
power supply DC 3V
Batteries AAA, 2
Maximum external dimensions Width 45x height 136x depth of 18mm
weight 85g (including batteries)
Sold separately: Option board
No image Line input board Line-9 (6,000yen)
Unbalanced general high level input terminal.
Plays analog signals such as CD players and tuners.
No image Analog disk input board AD-9(30,000yen)
Equipped with a high gain equalizer, it is compatible with all cartridges.
MM/MC switching, MC input impedance, and subsonic filter on/off can be set by the internal dip switch.

MM Gain: 36dB
Input impedance: 47kΩ
MC Gain: 62dB
Input impedance: 10, 30, 100Ω switching
Line-10 image Line input board Line-10 (8,000 yen)
A general high-level input terminal of unbalanced type.
Plays analog signals such as CD players and tuners.
AD-10 image Analog disk input board AD-10 (50,000 yen)
Equipped with a high-performance high-gain equalizer, it supports all cartridges.
MM/MC switching, MC input impedance, and subsonic filter on/off can be set by the internal dip switch.

MM Gain: 29dB
Input impedance: 47kΩ
MC Gain: 60dB
Input impedance: 10, 30, 100Ω switching