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Accuphase C-200S
200,000 yen(September, 1977 release)


Amplifier which rendered the limitation extravagant as a highest-class control center, and was developed.

From the input of an equalizer to the last output stage, symmetrical type Class A push pull drive circuit is adopted as all the magnification stages also including filter amplifier and headphone amplifier. the base before a push pull circuit gives NFB -- since the characteristic is excellent, the total characteristic excellent in a little NFB(s) can be acquired.

The ring emitter transistor (RET) newly developed as an object for high frequency electric power magnification is used for the output stage of the equalizer by Class A push pull.
This RET has structure which carried out 100-piece parallel rigidity of the transistor unit for small signals through ballast resistance of the emitter by a diffusion layer. Electric power magnification is enabled maintaining the outstanding high frequency characteristic with which the transistor for small signals is equipped by this.
Furthermore, by sending big current, the Output load impedance was lowered, by this, low impedance-ization of the NFB loop was enabled and SN is improved.

The DISC level Attenuator which can carry out 10dB continuation variable is carried.
Moreover, the input impedance of DISC1 can be changed to three steps.

Sound quality of each part and examination of noise were performed strictly, and it has adopted with more than enough margin simultaneously with a torture test also about long-term stability.

Low-pass and a high region carry the tone control with two steps of changing points, and can adjust a step type with the rotary switch of 11 contacts.
Moreover, the tone switch which can turn on and off a tone so that the flat characteristic can be acquired is carried.

The Attenuator which is -20dB so that muting can be performed is carried.

The exclusive amplifier of pure complimentary direct connection is formed in headphone amplifier.

It is designed prepare three tape input and output, among these carry out mutual dubbing of the two sets.
Moreover, dubbing between tape recorders in the state where made Koppies Izzi become independent, and it became independent hearing other program sauce is possible.

The low enhancement circuit which adjusts presence minutely is carried, and massive compensation is possible.

There is an exclusive relay box as an option and a speaker system can be changed with the speaker changeover switch in the front panel.
Moreover, there was an option case of walnut finishing.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo control center
Frequency response High-level input: 20Hz - 20000Hz, and +0 -0.2 dB
DISC input: 20Hz - 20000Hz, ±0.2dB
THD 0.01% (by 20Hz - 20kHz, and Output power)
Input sensitivity/input impedance DISC1:2-6mV/30kohm, 47kohm, 100kohm
Media-Interface-Connector: 2mV/47kohm
Tuner, AUX1, 2, Front, Tape Play1, 2, Front:200mV/47kohm
An Output power/Output load impedance Main Output: 2.0V/200 ohm (at the time of Volume maximum and the rated input)
Tape Rec Output1, 2, Front: 200mV/200 ohms
Maximum-except-take-off level More than 10V (distortion 0.01%, 20Hz - 20kHz)
The disc maximum input 400mV - 1.2Vrms (1kHz, 0.01% of distortion)
* 400mV is the DISC level-control maximum (equalizer gain 40dB).
※1. 2V is the DISC level-control minimum (equalizer gain 30dB).
Minimum load impedance Output: 5.0kohm
Tape Rec: 10.0kohm
Gain Tuner, AUX, and a Tape Play input
Tape Rec Output:
DISC1, 2, and a Media Interface Connector input
Tape Rec Output:
DISC1 and 2 can be adjusted to level regulation and -10dB.
S/N / input conversion noise
(A rated input, IHF-A, input short-circuit)
High-level input: 106dB / -120dBV
DISC, Media Interface Connector:81dB /, -135dBV
Volume control linkage error Less than 1dB
Tone control
Low-pass : Changing point 400Hz :
±10dB (100Hz)
±10dB (50Hz)
High region : Changing point 2.5kHz :
±10dB (10kHz)
±10dB (20kHz)
2dB each step
DISC low enhancement (massive compensation circuit) They are 0dB, +0.5dB, and +1dB (100Hz) to the RIAA standard characteristic.
Attenuator -20dB
Compensation (volume control-30dB) 50Hz, 250Hz : +9dB
Filter Subsonic Filter: 17Hz, 18 dB/oct
A high filter: 8kHz, 12 dB/oct
Headphone Output load impedance: 0.3ohm
Output (8ohm load): 0.8W (1kHz, 0.03% of distortion)
The semiconductor used Transistor: 99 pieces
FET: Eight pieces
Diode: 28 pieces
Power source AC100V/117V/220V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 60W
a Dimensions (a piece -- it includeds) Width 445x height 160x depth of 355mm
Weight 14kg
Option Relay box R-1 (12,000yen)
Wood case A-2 (15,000yen)