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Kensonic Accuphase C-200
155,000 yen(August, 1973 release)


Control amplifier put on the market as the first phase of Accuphase series. The company name of those days was a Kensonic.

An equalizer circuit improves the nakedness characteristic before applying NFB (negative return) by the perfect push pull drive of a whole page direct connection system, and constitutes the high magnification circuit of fidelity.
Moreover, Class A drive pure complimentary was adopted as the final stage of an equalizer that it should correspond to the incoming signal of the large dynamic range, and high allowable input voltage is secured by adoption of a plus-or-minus 2 power-source system.
Furthermore, massive [ on music appreciation ] was thought as important and the low enhancement circuit is adopted.

When lowering the cartridge in which an output is extremely large to a correct level or carrying out the comparison audition of a cartridge using two lines, DISC1 and DISC2, the Attenuator which can carry out 10dB continuation variable so that each level can be united is prepared.
Furthermore, the input impedance changeover switch is prepared in DISC1, and three kinds, 47kohm, 30kohm, and 20kohm, can be chosen.
Moreover, the Subsonic Filter of 25Hz cutoff is prepared as an object for disc playback.

Right-and-left independent type tone control is carried, and the change of turnover frequency is possible at 200Hz, 400Hz, 2.5kHz, and 5kHz with low-pitched sound and each loud sound.
The change characteristic is ±10dB with the rotary switch of 11 contacts.

For the purpose of cutting a subsonic noise, the low filter of 30Hzor less 12 dB/oct is carrie
Moreover, in order to cut hysteresis noise, such as a tape, the high filter of 5kHz and 12 dB/oct is also carried.

Three input and output of a tape are carried so that three tape recorders can be connected.
Mutual dubbing of this inner 2 set is possible, and while making Koppies Izzi become independent and hearing sauce, dubbing between tape recorders in the state where it completely became independent is possible.

The exclusive amplifier of pure complimentary direct connection is carried only in headphone, and the sound quality of headphone is raised.

All the magnification stages are supplied from the power source made to constant-voltage-ize completely, and stability is raised.

When power amplifier is set to the place which is not accessible, the speaker changeover switch carried in the front panel can use an optional exclusive relay box, and can change a speaker system.


Rating of a mode
Form Accuphase stereo control amplifier
Frequency response High-level input: 20Hz - 20000Hz, and +0 -0.2 dB
DISC and a Media-Interface-Connector input: 20Hz - 20000Hz, ±0.2dB
THD 0.05% or less (for 20Hz - 20000Hz and by Output power)
Input sensitivity/input impedance DISC1:2-6mV/20kohm, 30kohm, 47kohm
Media-Interface-Connector: 2mV/47kohm
Tuner: 200mV/130kohm
AUX1, 2, Front:200mV/130kohm
Tape Play1, 2, Front:200mV/130kohm
An Output power/Output load impedance Main Output: 2.0V/200 ohm
Headphones: 0.4V/0.3 ohm (in volume control maximum and the rated input)
Tape Rec Output1, 2, Front: 200mV/200 ohms (at the time of a DISC input)
Mono Output: 0.42V/38kohm
Maximum-except-take-off level More than 10V (distortion 0.05%)
The disc maximum input 400mV - 1.2Vrms (1kHz, 0.05% of distortion)
* 400mV is the DISC level-control maximum (equalizer gain 40dB).
※1. 2V is the DISC level-control minimum (equalizer gain 30dB).
Gain Tuner, AUX, and a Tape Play input
Tape Rec Output:
Main Output:
DISC1, 2, and a Media Interface Connector input
Tape Rec Output:
Main Output:
S/N (an Output power, volume control maximum) Tuner, AUX, Tape Play: 90dB or more (rated input)
DISC, Media Interface Connector: 74dB or more (10mV input)
Volume control linkage error Less than 1dB
Tone control
Low-pass : Changing point 400Hz :
±10dB (100Hz)
±10dB (50Hz)
High region : Changing point 2.5kHz :
±10dB (10kHz)
±10dB (20kHz)
DISC low enhancement (massive compensation circuit) They are 0dB, +0.5dB, and +1dB (100Hz) to the RIAA standard characteristic.
Compensation (volume control-30dB) 50Hz:+10dB
Filter DISC Subsonic Filter: 25Hz, 6 dB/oct
A low filter: 30Hz, 12 dB/oct
A high filter: 5kHz, 12 dB/oct
The semiconductor used Transistor: 80
Diode: 35
Power source 100V, 117V, 220V, 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 36W
Dimensions Width 445x height 152x depth of 355mm
Weight 14kg