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Aurex XR-Z70/XR-Z70K
  • XR-Z70: 139,800 yen(1983 release)
    XR-Z70K: 169,800 yen(1983 release)

  • Description
    CD player of No. 2 of an Aurex.

    Almost all operations have adopted the simple operation which is possible only by pushing eight key switches.

    The fundamental function of CD players, such as random access, a random memory function, a skip play function, and an auto-repeat function, and the auto pause function which changes into a pause state whenever one performance finishes are carried.

    It not only calls it a black model, but XR-Z 70K serves as a sound quality serious consideration model which polished up the sound quality of analog circuitry, harnessing the basic design of XR-Z70.

    There was wireless remote control as an option.

    Black Attached

    Rating of a mode
    Form CD player
    The number of channels Two channels, a stereo
    Frequency response 8Hz-20kHz±0.5dB
    Dynamic range 93dB
    THD 0.005%(1kHz)
    Channel separation 90dB(1kHz)
    Wow and flutter Below a measurement limit
    Output voltage Fixation: 2.0V
    Variable: 0V-5V
    Pickup Laser diode pickup
    Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
    Power consumption 18W
    Dimensions Width 420x height 85x depth of 327mm
    Weight XR-Z70:6.8kg
    Option Wireless remote control RM-75 (7,500yen)