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Aurex SC-55
108,000 yen(an age -- unknown)

The "three-step Darlington whole page direct connection pure complimentary OCL circuit" of two steps of differential which had cascade connection in the first rank is adopted.
The nakedness profit in high region frequency is raised by adopting the differential driver circuit which makes the condenser of phase compensation small just before a limit, and changes from emitter grounding to a common base in a high region.

The power-source part became independent of a power transformer right and left completely by L and R each channel, and two sets of monophonic amplifier has stored it in one cabinet.
Therefore, stability is increased by fully improving the separation characteristic and also separating the signal of an output stage.

To the capacitor of the power source, it adopts as each two channels at a time an electrolytic condenser low magnification type [ 10000-micro F ] (what reduced etching of the aluminum foil of an anode and carried out the fall of impedance), and stabilization is attained.
Moreover, the metallized polyester film capacitor was used for the electrolytic condenser in parallel, and the high region characteristic is improved.

While establishing a constant voltage circuit in each circuit to a driver stage and attaining stabilization of operation, the signal to noise ratio and a distortion are improved.

A speaker and amplifier are protected from an emergency accident in the electronic of seven transistors and 9 diode composition, and the combination of a high relay of a response.
The clicking noise at the time of power-source ON/OFF is prevented simultaneously in the circuit which used together middle point electric-potential detection and unusual voltage detection.

The high precision Attenuator type thing of metal tunic type is adopted as the volume for volume control.

The switch which can raise usual Input sensitivity 1V to 0.5V is formed.
It is convenient when driving direct with the output from equalizer amplifier.
A sensitivity rise of 6dB is possible in the system which changes the amount of NF of the first rank.

The speaker change of two series is possible.

The meter detecting terminal is installed in a speaker terminal and parallel, and an Output voltage can be checked by connecting an optional peak meter unit (PM-55).

The data sheet by CADIS is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo power amplifier
Circuit system First rank cascade connection Two steps of differential
Whole page direct connection OCL circuit
Specification semiconductor Transistor x38, diode x16
Effective output (20Hz - 20000Hz) 60W+60W (0.05% distortion, 8ohms)
85W+85W (0.05% distortion, 4ohms)
THD (20Hz - 20000Hz)
At the time of an effective output : 0.05%
At the time of 30W output : 0.02%
At the time of 1W output : 0.05%
It is 1kHz at the 30W output time. : 0.005%
It is 50kHz at the 30W output time. : 0.03%
Output zone (IHF, 2ch) 5Hz - 80000Hz (distorted 0.1%)
Frequency response (at the time of 1W output) 5Hz-100000Hz+0dB-3dB
Input sensitivity/impedance 1.0V/50kohm (being a switch 6dB up)
Dumping factor (8ohms) 50 or more
S/N ratio (IHF A network) 105dB or more
Remains noise 0.3mV
Separation 65dB(10kHz)
Power source AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 165W
Dimensions Width 450x height 93x depth of 375mm
Weight 14kg