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D/A converter developed for the ultimate.

The XDP is designed to be used with DTI and v1.0 from the design stage and does not have a dedicated digital input circuit.
The I2S Bus terminal is used for digital signal input.

The D/A converter uses the latest bit stream method at that time.

The analog circuit uses a discrete dual mono Class A circuit.

The power supply is designed independently and uses an XDP power supply or a Power Station 2 power supply.

Model Rating
Type D/A converter
D/A conversion method Bit stream
Frequency characteristic 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 1 dB
Harmonic distortion + noise -101dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 112dB(A-weighted)
Digital input I2S Input Only
Digital output Not installed
Analog output RCA Type : 2.75 V
External dimensions Width 215x Height 45x Depth 136 mm
Weight 850g
Sold Separately XDP Power Supply (¥ 20,000)
Power Station 2 Power Supply (¥ 35,000)
Clear Link Cable 30 cm (¥ 12,000)
Clear Link Cable 1m (¥ 18,000)
Clearstream Digital Isolator (¥ 15,000)
Isopack (4 pcs 1 set, ¥ 4,000)
Wood Case (2 horizontal, ¥ 20,000)