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Based on the results of the first V1.0 of Audio Alchemy, the D/A converter was announced as the second to aim for higher grade digital reproduction.

DDE stands for Digital Decoding Engine.

The D/A converter uses the latest version of the bit stream method DAC, and the analog and digital sections are designed separately to achieve high-quality sound reproduction.

The digital input is 3-frequency automatic switching of 32/44.1/48kHz, and the terminals are equipped with a coaxial Route 3 using BNC terminals as well as one optical system.

Model Rating
Type D/A converter
D/A conversion method Bit stream
Frequency characteristic 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.2 dB
Harmonic distortion + noise -98dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB or more
Digital input Light : 1 system
Coaxial (BNC) : Route 3
Sampling frequency 32 khz, 44.1 khz, 48 khz
Digital output Coaxial : 1 system
Analog output Coaxial : 1 system (2 V)
External dimensions Width 407x Height 65x Depth 206 mm
Weight 1.9kg