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A D/D converter developed as the world's first externally connected jitter reduction device.

DTI is designed to reduce jitter by shaping the input digital waveform and outputting it.
It is possible to limit the time fluctuation of several hundred picoseconds to ± 35 picoseconds at the maximum.

The power supply is designed independently and uses Power Station 1 and Power Station 2 power supplies.

Model Rating
Type D/D converter
Digital input TOS, Coaxial
Digital output I2S, Coaxial
External dimensions Width 215x Height 45x Depth 136 mm
Weight 810g
Sold Separately Power Station 1 Power Supply (¥ 15,000)
Power Station 2 Power Supply (¥ 35,000)
Clear Link Cable 30 cm (¥ 12,000)
Clear Link Cable 1m (¥ 18,000)
Clearstream Digital Isolator (¥ 15,000)
Isopack (4 pcs 1 set, ¥ 4,000)
Wood Case (2 horizontal, ¥ 20,000)