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AR(Acoustic Research) AR-9
278,000 yen(around the one-set and 1980 time)

The large-sized Tallboy speaker system of the vartical series which also fully consider up the correspondence to high-output power amplifier, and was designed.

Two 30cm corn type Woofers are adopted as low-pass, and it has composition arranged on both the sides of the enclosure. Furthermore, the wall dip phenomenon generated between a speaker and a back wall is canceled because crossover frequency shall be 200Hz.

inside low-pass -- a 20cm corn type and a crown -- the unit of a 1.9cm dome shape is carried in the 3.8cm dome shape and the high region in the region.
The inside low-pass unit is carried in the subenclosure, and has prevented the mutual intervention in a core.
moreover, a crown -- the "magnetic fruid" of the shape of colloid which is tinged with the magnetism which NASA developed is put in between the voice coil of a region / high region unit, and the yoke. And distorted reduction was aimed at from the central axis as a structure as for which Bure is not, and the input-proof is improved.

The electronic automatic transmission developed uniquely is adopted as the network part as an object for low-pass.
This controls the low-pass characteristic automatically electrically like the missions of an automatic car,Without reducing a low-pass output, it operates so that dumping may become the maximum with resonance frequency, and even if it exceeds a bus spectrum about the part beyond resonance frequency, it switches electrically so that the flat characteristic may be secured.
Moreover, a 17AWG sky core coil, a computer class electrolytic condenser, input-proof [ high ] ceramic resistance, etc. are adopted as the use element.

The acoustic suspension system of AR tradition is adopted as the enclosure.
By this system, air can achieve the duty of a spring by carrying out full sealing of the core, compliance can be enlarged, and it is possible to make low-pass resonance frequency lower.
Moreover, the acoustic blanket which is a special sound-absorbing material was attached to the surroundings of a driver unit, and sound quality degradation by reflective sound is prevented.
Finishing is walnut oil finishing.


Rating of a mode
System 4 ways, 5 speaker acoustic suspension system, and a Tallboy type
Use unit For low-pass: 30cm corn type x2
For inside low-pass: 20cm corn type
a crown -- : for regions -- a 3.8cm dome shape
For high regions: 1.9cm dome shape
Frequency response 18Hz - 30kHz
Low-pass play frequency 28Hz -3dB
System Q 0.5
Output sound pressure level 87dB/W/m
Impedance 4ohms (a minimum of 3.2ohms)
The continuation maximum input 175W
The maximum input 400W
Crossover frequency 200Hz, 1.2kHz, 7kHz
Level control Low-pass: Automatic
Inside low-pass: Three-step switching
a crown -- region: -- three-step switching
High region: Three-step switching
Content volume 120L
Dimensions Width 381x height 1340x depth of 402mm
Weight 59kg