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3-way all-ribbon speaker system.

It consists of two sets and comes with a 3-way crossover network.

Equipped with level control.

Normally, a 100W mono or stereo power amplifier is connected (bi-amplifier is not required).
A bi-wired connection is recommended for the speaker connection.

Model Rating
Method Three way floor type
Frequency characteristic 25 Hz to 25 kHz
Impedance 3 Ω
Output sound pressure level 115dBSPL(Peak at 4m)
Crossover 6-dB octave slope
Level control Low : 2 positions
Mid : 2 Position
Upper Mid : 2 positions
High : 3 positions
External dimensions Width 800x Height 1,850x Depth 80 mm
Base Plate Depth : 480 mm
Weight Approx. 68 kg (1 unit)