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Based on the basic design of the MK-1 system announced in 1982, this speaker system was composed of the latest units at that time.

The MK series is a product of ALTEC Sound Development (ASD), a brand established by Elektri, and is a Japanese systematized version of ALTEC products.

ER-15 which is a 38 cm cone type woofer unit is mounted in the low range.
MK-1 has been changed from 515 - 8 from - 8 LFE of MK-1.

The mid-range is equipped with a horn type mid-range which combines a driver unit 291 to 16 k and a horn MRII594.
By changing the horn from MR94-8 adopted for MK-1 to MRII594, the lower limit of crossover frequency of MF and LF is changed from 1200 Hz to 500 Hz.

Two horn tweeters, MR 902 16 hf, are installed in the high-frequency range.
By swinging each of these units from left to right by 15 degrees, the HF cover angle is set to 90 degrees x40 degrees, the same as the MF.

The MK-1A is designed based on a 3-way multi-amp drive.
By combining with optional 3-way network MK-1Nw (sold separately) and high-pass filter HP-7000, 2-amp drive and 1-amp drive are also possible.

The enclosure is a bass reflex system, and it is an all-horn type by installing a horn on the front of the woofer.
FRP and wood plywood are used as materials.

There was a protection net for casters and woofer as an option sold separately.

Model Rating
Method 3-way, 4-Speaker, All-Horn, Bass-Ref System, Floor Type
Unit For Low Band : 38 cm Cone Type (ER-15)
For Middle Range : Horn Type (291-16K + MKII594)
For High Frequency : Horn Type (MR-902-16HF) x2
Frequency characteristic 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance When using 3 way network : 8 Ω
For low frequency : 8 Ω
For Middle Range : 16 Ω
For high frequency : 8 Ω
Allowable input When using 3-way network : 150W Low band : 250W
For Medium Range : 40W
For high frequency : 30W
Output sound pressure level 120dB/W/m
Recommended crossover frequency 500 Hz, 7 kHz
External dimensions Width 950x Height 860x Depth 680 mm
Weight 110kg
Sold Separately 3-way Network for MK-1A MK-1Nw
High-Pass Filter HP-7000
Caster Stand for MK-U, 2A, CSR-1
Protective Net for Woofer GR-40