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This is a speaker system that uses the 755 series, nicknamed "Pancake".

The 755E/Medina was produced by Elektri, an agent of Altec at that time, under the guidance of ALTEC Sound Laboratory L. T. V Research, and is a model for the Japanese market.

The unit is equipped with the 755 series 20 cm cone type full range unit 755E.
In the 755E, a cone with an effective diameter of 17 cm and a central dome are pressed together, and anti-resonance strain is eliminated by solving the poor connection between the cone and the central dome. In addition, a cloth edge with good linearity is adopted in the peripheral edge part, and it is lightly damped with bis colloid.
The drive part uses a large voice coil of 50 mm diameter with aluminum ribbon wire wound edgewise and an in DACS V-type magnet produced exclusively for 755E. This magnet is excited only up to the specified magnetic flux density, so there is no unevenness in the product.
Aluminum die-cast is used for Holem.

The enclosure is made of hard homogen and special plywood. The internal structure is a modified distributed port type and is designed with special attention paid to the internal pressure treatment method based on the results of various measurement data.
The exterior has an oil finish using a walnut thrust plate.

Model Rating
Method 1-Way, 1-Speaker, Basref System, Bookshelf Type
Units Used All Band : 20 cm Cone Type (755E)
Impedance 8 Ω
Playback frequency band 40 Hz to 15 kHz
Lowest resonance frequency 52Hz
Output sound pressure level (JIS) 100dB/W
Allowable input 15W
Voice Coil Diameter 50mm
Magnetic flux density 9,000gauss
Enclosure Material Rigid Homogen + Special Plywood
Painting Walnut oil finish
External dimensions Width 358x Height 596x Depth 280 mm
Weight 14kg

Upgrade plan based on 755E/Medina
The catalog at that time had an upgrade plan based on 755E/Medina.