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This is a speaker system using the Mantare horn developed by Altec.

The Mantarayhorn + 817A system is one of Altech's theatrical speaker systems named Voice of the Theater.
The system consists of a front load horn with a double woofer in the low range and a man-tale-horn in the high range. The unit used depends on the time of sale.

There are two 40 cm cone type woofers in the lower range. They used 515C initially and were changed to 515E in 1981.

A horn type unit that combines a driver unit and a Man-Tale-horn MR94 is installed in the high range.
The driver unit used 288-16H initially and was changed to 288-16K in 1981, and the manta ray Rayhorn was changed from MR94 to MR94A MR94A later.

The enclosure is 817A, an enclosure for double woofer.
The 817A is a combination of front load horn and bass reflex system. The front load horn loads the woofer up to 150 hz and the bass reflex port extends the low end up to 50 hz.

Model Rating
Method 2-way, 3-speaker, all-horn, bass reflex system, floor type
The early period (from 1980) Mid-term (from 1981) The latter half (1984, ~?))
Units used, etc. Low band 2 x 40 cm cone shapes
2 x 40 cm cone shapes
High pass Horn type
Horn type
Horn type
Network N500FA
Enclosure 817A
Other 15067, 34656
Impedance 16 Ω
Playback frequency band 30 Hz to 16 kHz
Allowable input
(Continuous Program)
Low-range part 150W 75W
High-pass 60W
Crossover frequency 500Hz
External dimensions
(Width x Height x Depth)
Low-range part 953x857x705mm 960x1,460x710mm
High-pass 864x610x711mm (horn only)
Weight 130kg 136.7kg