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This speaker system is an improved version of the MAGNIFICENT home speaker system.

38 cm cone type woofer 416-8B is mounted in the low range.

The middle and high range is equipped with a horn type unit that combines a driver 802 to 8 g and a sectoral horn 511B.
ALTEC's unique Tangerine Phase Plug is used for the phase plug of the 802 to 8 g to realize high-frequency characteristics that cannot be obtained with conventional double annular slit risers. With conventional annular slits, energy is concentrated near the slit, so that an acoustic open circuit is formed at a specific frequency point, reducing energy transmission capability. However, with radial slits, smooth characteristics up to 20 kHz or more are realized without a specific resonance point by using a tapered transmission path.
The 511B is an aluminum die cast-welded horn that is directly connected to the 802 to 8 g and reproduces from 1.2 kHz to the upper limit of audio frequency.

N1201-8A is used for the network part.
The N1201-8A has a crossover setting of 1.2 kHz and is equipped with two level controls that can control the mid-range and high-range levels independently.

The internal wiring uses a special low-inductance audio cord.

The ALTEC traditional phasing process is adopted for the unit layout, and the problem of phase difference is solved by making the diaphragm position of middle and high range and woofer on the same plane respectively.

The basic structure of the enclosure is the same as that of the A7. By combining front load short horn and bass reflex action, sharp rise characteristics and sufficient low-end characteristics are realized. Especially, the bass reflex port is tuned more finely than the original magnifier.
A grating grill is used in the front.

It has a dedicated terminal for multi-amplifier.

Model Rating
Method 2-way, 2-speaker, all-horn / bass reflex system, floor type
Units used, etc. For Low Band : 38 cm cone type (416-8B)
For High Range : Horn Type (802-8G + 511B)
Network : N1201-8A
Impedance 8 Ω
Playback frequency band 30 Hz to 20 kHz
Output sound pressure level 103dB/W
Maximum allowable input 65W
Crossover frequency 1.2kHz
Cross slope 18dB/oct
External dimensions Width 810x Height 1,110x Depth 676 mm