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326,000 yen(around the 1977 time)

The standard machine of the speaker system for pros named the name of the voice of the theater.

The enclosure has structure which used together the high front load phone and phase inversion of low-pitched sound radiation efficiency.

Rating of a mode
System 2 a way and 2speaker front short phone + bus reflex system and a floor type
Use unit etc. For low-pass: 38cm corn type (416-8B)
For high regions: Phon type (802-8D+811B)
Network: N801-8A
Enclosure: 828B
Impedance 8ohms
Play frequency band 45Hz - 20000Hz
Allowable input (continuation program) 50W
Output sound pressure level (new JIS) 103dB
Crossover frequency 800Hz
Dimensions Width 762x height 1378x depth of 610mm
Weight 64.5kg