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An FM/AM tuner developed based on the concept of reproducing the sound transmitted by a broadcasting station.

A & D's unique open-loop circuit with a non-feedback DC amplifier in the multiplex circuit, and a fully discrete configuration with a 2-pole DC servo to achieve a 5 Hz playback capability.

All coupling capacitors from the detection stage to the output are eliminated.
In addition, the 0 frequency of the pilot cancel circuit and the low-pass filter, which cut unnecessary high frequencies, is set to 20 kHz or higher in order to take care of the high-frequency stretch, so that sufficient frequency characteristics are obtained from the ultra-low range to the high-frequency range.

The output impedance is reduced.

The power supply for the high-frequency section and audio section is completely independent of the transformer winding. The rectifier circuit is provided with a Route 3. In addition, the stabilizing power supply circuit is provided in five separate locations, for microcomputer, display, and high-frequency use. This prevents mutual interference around the power supply.

The power transformer is fixed on a 3mm-thick aluminum plate and the front board is fixed on a 2mm-thick aluminum plate, and a large pedestal and high-grade side wood are mounted for a highly rigid structure.

The front-end section is an all-MOS-FET configuration, equivalent to five sets. In particular, the RF section and MIXER section are equipped with dual-gate MOS-FETs to ensure stable high-fi reception even against excessive input.
We have introduced the latest devices such as a pure electronic antenna selector using a PIN diode, a linear phase filter for both wide and narrow circuits of the IF stage, and an efficient Schottky barrier diode for the detection stage.

Multi-mode reception with computer control is adopted.
Simply selecting a preset station automatically sets the antenna A/B select, IF band switching, blend control, and high-cut filter to the optimum position.

Two antenna terminals are mounted.

Equipped with an IF band switching function.

Equipped with a blend control, you can choose between three levels of left and right channel blending depending on the radio wave condition.

Equipped with a high-cut filter to remove high-frequency noise.

Equipped with a 20-station random preset mechanism.

It is equipped with a preset channel scan function and automatically selects the stations stored in order at 4-second intervals.

It has a sequential station call function.
You can enjoy air check by changing up to 3 broadcasting stations in combination with timer.

Equipped with a REC calibration mechanism.

Model Rating
Type FM/AM Tuner
FM Tuner Section
Receiving frequency range 76.0 mhz to 90.0 mhz
Practical sensitivity 10.8dBf
クワイティング sensitivity (S/N = 50 dB) mono:17.2dBf
Capture ratio wide:1.25dB
Effective selectivity (± 400 kHz) wide:60dB
Image ratio 90dB
IF interference ratio 110dB
Spurious interference ratio 100dB
AM suppression ratio 65dB
Subcarrier suppression ratio 70dB
SN ratio (at 91.2 dBf) mono:96dB(IHF-A)
Distortion Factor (1 kHz) wide mono:0.0095%
narrow mono:0.03%
Stereo Separation (1 kHz) wide:65dB
Frequency characteristic 30 Hz to 15 kHz ± 0.5 dB
<AM Tuner Section>
Receiving frequency 531 kHz to 1602 kHz
Practical sensitivity (loop antenna) 300 μ V/M
Effective selectivity (± 9 kHz) 40dB
Image ratio 40dB
IF interference ratio 60dB
Signal-to-noise ratio 45dB
Distortion factor 0.6%
Output level FM : 770 mV (100% modulation)
AM : 250 mV (30% modulation)
High-cut -6dB(10kHz)
Blend (1 kHz separation) Blend1:20dB
Power supply voltage 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power consumption (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law) 23W
Maximum external dimensions Width 461x Height 87x Depth 344 mm
Weight 6.3kg
Attachment T-shaped FM antenna
FM antenna plug
AM loop antenna
Antenna holder
Antenna holder mounting screw
Connection code
Side wood mounting screws